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Simple Dark Theme Bookmarklet for web pages
javascript:(d=>{var css=`:root{background-color:#fefefe;filter:invert(100%)}*{background-color:inherit}img:not([src*=".svg"]),video{filter: invert(100%)}`,style,id="dark-theme-snippet",ee=d.getElementById(id);if(null!=ee)ee.parentNode.removeChild(ee);else {style = d.createElement('style');style.type="text/css";;if(style.styleSheet)style.styleSheet.cssText=css;else style.appendChild(d.createTextNode(css));(d.head||d.querySelector('head')).appendChild(style)}})(document)
var css = `
background-color: #fefefe;
filter: invert(100%)
* {
background-color: inherit
img:not([src*=".svg"]), video{
filter: invert(100%)
ee = d.getElementById(id);
if (null != ee) ee.parentNode.removeChild(ee);
else {
style = d.createElement('style');
style.type = "text/css"; = id;
if (style.styleSheet) style.styleSheet.cssText = css;
else style.appendChild(d.createTextNode(css));
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brongulus commented Oct 21, 2020

Hi, I wanted to use this bookmarklet in the nyxt browser but it seems that it requires a licensed version, would you be kind enough to provide us with one?
Relevant PR discussion: atlas-engineer/nyxt#1010
Thanks a lot!

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frontdevops commented Oct 21, 2020

No problem, use at your own discretion, I will only be glad. Free license - take whoever you want, do what you want

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luetage commented Jul 12, 2021

Thanks, that’s a really helpful bookmarklet, far easier to use than all the dark theme extensions. I’m using it on Vivaldi browser as a command chain to trigger it with shortcut. The only change I made was introducing a line to show the original URL in the address field after execution: setTimeout(()=>{const t=window.location.href;window.history.replaceState("stateObj","",t)},300);

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proudparrot2 commented Dec 1, 2021

Problem - when I try it, say on this page, it inverts all colors not just background. Is there a way to fix it?

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ttodua commented Feb 27, 2022

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lwcorp commented Mar 3, 2022

this one is also good: and this:

Cool! The first one indeed doesn't ruin images...but instead of hides some text (unlike the code here).
The second one looks almost identical to the code here, i.e. ruins images. The ruined images look a bit more natural than the code here, but still. But it's also irreversible, unlike the code here that can be switched back and forth.

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