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Created Jun 8, 2012

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Updates on the MessagePack Project

Dear MessagePack developers,

This is Sadayuki Furuhashi. This email proposes my plan to update the following resources which are shared by all implementation projects:


In MessagePack, each implementation project is designed and proceeded (managed?) by respective developers.

Thus, when I read another implementation, I see different designs, test methods, etc. because they reflect the culture of each programming language. I often gain insight from other implementations and apply what I learned to my own. This is an interesting aspect of the MessagePack project.

We're sharing one repository and bug tracker as a single project at the moment. This may limit the innovation of each implementation project.

At the same time, I would like to maintain a sense of unity that the current setup offers (especially our presence on the Web).


To improve the situation explained above, I'm planning on the following actions:

Split repositories

Split the repository into a separate repository for each languages.

Since this update was requested before, all repositories are already divided except for PHP, Haskell, and Ocaml

Renew the website

I'll renew the top page at The main message of the website will be "MessagePack is a reliable library that is widely used."

The website will have a section to describe simple usage for each languages in 3-5 lines. And it will link to the top page of each github repositories and for more information (API reference, etc.).

Assign subdomains

I'll set up CNAME for each language to be used for its Github Page where API references (RDoc/Javadoc, etc.) are supposed to be.

No more JIRA

Let’s use GitHub Issues instead. I'll set it up.

No more Hudson

Let’s use TravisCI instead.

Move MessagePack-RPC repositories

I'm planning to migrate MessagePack-RPC as subprojects. My rationale here is to make it less confusing for newcomers and easier for contributors by separating out related project like the RPCs from the serializer itself.

  • Move msgpack/msgpack-rpc.git to the msgpack-rpc organization
  • Move msgpack/msgpack-XXX-rpc.git to the msgpack-rpc organization
  • The new website links to these projects as related projects (This is how other projects such as ZeroRPC are already set up).

Archive the other repositories

Move the following repositories to another GitHub organization:

  • msgpack.git
  • msgpack-rpc.git
  • msgpack-idl.git
  • msgpack-hadoop.git
  • msgpack-rpc-python

Use cases of the MessagePack are widely spreading from the large scale web services to embedded devices.

Since I moved to Silicon Valley, I’ve realized that many engineers already recognize MessagePack as a cool (or crazy!) library.

Comments are welcome.

Thanks, Sadayuki Furuhashi

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