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Server A is the machine that is being migrated from, with server B being the target machine. The same scheme applies to database (DB) A and B.

Steps taken

  1. Dump DB A and move to server B.

    • Dumped and moved.
  2. Verify that dumped DB A is intact, and migrate into DB B.

    • Verified Structure.
    • Verified Contents.
    • Migrated.
  3. Move files from server A to server B.

    • Used as intermediary (stupid, in retroperspective) and copied files.
    • Moved to /var/www/html/

    Status: DB A and the files from server A are fully migrated. Access to server A not needed anymore.

  4. Adjust configuration of the OSTicket files on server B.

    • Edited ./include/ost-setup.php to reflect 'new' database.

    Status: The migration is now complete, and OSTicket is ready to run.

  5. Overwrite OSTicket folder with OSTicket 1.10

    • Got 1.10 from (no real way around it this time)
    • Copied the files over the original ones.

    This breaks the site, and was reverted on the server. Permissions? Plugins? Breaking changes? Investigate further.


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@fs-c fs-c commented Dec 25, 2017

Link to the forum thread I created in regards to this. The Moderators' instructions are wonky though, and what I collected is more concise and reliable, IMO.

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