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Created December 12, 2022 21:18
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public KinesisPipeline(final Construct scope, final String id, final KinesisPipelineProps props) {
super(scope, id);
firehoseDeliveryRole = props.getFirehoseDeliveryRole();
lambdaExecutionRole = props.getLambdaExecutionRole();
streamKey = props.getStreamKey();
catalogId = props.getCatalogId();
glueDatabaseName = props.getGlueDatabaseName();
glueTableName = props.getGlueTableName();
streamId = props.getStreamId();
streamName = props.getStreamName();
transformFunction = props.getTransformFunction();
deliveryStreamPrefix = props.getDeliveryStreamPrefix();
deliveryStreamErrorPrefix = props.getDeliveryStreamErrorPrefix();
deliveryStreamParquetPrefix = props.getDeliveryStreamParquetPrefix();
deliveryStreamParquetErrorPrefix = props.getDeliveryStreamParquetErrorPrefix();
platformResourceName = props.getPlatformResourceName();
autoPartitionLambda = props.getAutoPartitionLambda();
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