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Basic principles of using tcl-expect scripts


TCL-Expect scripts are an amazingly easy way to script out laborious tasks in the shell when you need to be interactive with the console. Think of them as a "macro" or way to programmaticly step through a process you would run by hand. They are similar to shell scripts but utilize the .tcl extension and a different #! call.

Setup Your Script

The first step, similar to writing a bash script, is to tell the script what it's executing under. For expect we use the following:

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tmux cheatsheet

Config File

The default <prefix> key is Ctrl-b. To get more screen-like behavior, change the <prefix> to Ctrl-a in ~/.tmux-conf like this:

unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-a

In Screen, to send Ctrl-a to an application, you must hit Ctrl-a a. Enable this for tmux using the following ~/.tmux-conf entry:

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Created February 2, 2022 16:40
Source Code for the CKMS Blog Post

The space requirements for CKMS quantiles were evaluated by adding the following test to CKMSQuantilesTest in client_java.

public void testBlog() {
    Random random = new Random(0);
    Quantile q05 = new Quantile(0.5, 0.01);
    Quantile q95 = new Quantile(0.95, 0.005);
    Quantile q99 = new Quantile(0.99, 0.001);
    dump(random, 1000, q95);
    dump(random, 10*1000, q95);
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How to use and as an IRC client

How to use and as an IRC client

How to Join an IRC Channel on

Join the room #freenode_<#channel>, replacing <#channel> with the name of the IRC channel. For example, in order to join the #prometheus IRC channel, join the room on

In, rooms can be joined with the directory symbol on the bottom left.

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Prometheus Workshop Notes

These are notes for my Prometheus workshop. The follow-up workshop on Prometheus/Kubernetes can be found here.


  • Technology: Time Series Database
  • Approach: Black Box vs White Box
  • Scope: Time Series (Prometheus) vs. Logfiles (ELK), vs. Tracing (Zipkin)


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Kubernetes Cluster on AWS
  1. kops:

    1. Getting Started Guide:

    2. Installing Kubernetes on AWS with kops:

    3. Mulit-master Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with kops:

    4. Booting Kubernetes on Amazon Elastic Compute with kops:

    5. Setting up an HA Kubernetes Cluster in AWS with private topology with kops 1.5.1:

    6. Kubernetes on AWS:

    7. Your 2nd day with Kubernetes on AWS:

  2. Tectonic (Terraform):

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Prometheus/Kubernetes Workshop Notes

These are notes for my Kubernetes/Prometheus workshop. The notes for the Prometheus introduction workshop can be found here.

The first part of this workshop is taken from episode 001 of the excellent TGI Kubernetes series by Heptio.

The demo runs on AWS.

Preparation (before the workshop)

Before the demo, do the following:

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package main
import (