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Created July 23, 2014 06:27
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sample code to explain the fail design of default argument support in python
class Member:
def __init__(self,name='',group=''): = name = group
class Team:
def __init__(self, names):
self.members = [Member(n,str(hash(self))) for n in names]
def join_us(self,member=Member()):
self.members.append(member) = str(hash(self))
return member
def print_members(self):
for n in self.members:
dev_team = Team(['john'])
test_team = Team(['smith','tom'])
tom = test_team.members[1]
new_guy = dev_team.join_us() = 'xman'
another_new_guy = dev_team.join_us() = 'jim'
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