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Simple bread


Amount Ingreditent
1g yeast
200g Wheat flour 550 or Spelt flour 630
200ml cold water

Mix in a bowl. Let it rest overnight.


Amount Ingreditent
401g Poolish
300g Wheat flour 550 or Spelt flour 630
100ml Water
13g yeast
12g salt

Knead for 10 minutes. Let it rest for 1h.

  1. cover with flour.

  2. remove from the bowl

  3. Fold and mould into a ball

  4. drop in a bread basked

  5. Let it rest Rest for 45 min.

  6. Preheat oven at 210°C (convection oven) including dutch oven.

  7. Drop dough into dutch oven.

After 10 min decrease temperature to 190°C. Remove after additional 30min of baking.

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