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fugogugo / PasswordTransformLastVisible.kt
Last active April 2, 2020 07:21
kotlin version of EditText custom PaswordTranformationMethod that will make last character visible, taken from this stack overflow
//add your package here
import android.text.method.PasswordTransformationMethod
import android.view.View
* make edittext masked except last character
* source :
object PasswordTransformLastVisible : PasswordTransformationMethod() {
fugogugo / gitignore for Unity sample
Created October 1, 2015 03:54
My Unity .gitignore (Bengkel Gamelan)
Masukin folder & file yg berhubungan dengan apk, hasil build etc
Unity generated
src/com/fugo/bitmap/Main.hx:53: characters 74-99 : flash.utils.ByteArray should be
src/com/fugo/bitmap/Main.hx:53: characters 74-99 : flash.utils.ByteArray should be Array<>
src/com/fugo/bitmap/Main.hx:53: characters 74-99 : For function argument 'b'
src/com/fugo/bitmap/Main.hx:57: characters 2-52 : should be flash.utils.ByteArray
src/com/fugo/bitmap/Main.hx:57: characters 2-52 : Array<> should be flash.utils.ByteArray
Build halted with errors (haxelib.exe).
fugogugo / gist:3416426
Created August 21, 2012 15:16
ndk-gdb error for cocos2d-x game android
Last login: Tue Aug 21 21:53:30 on ttys000
SoybeanServer-2:~ soybeansoft$ cd $COCOS2DX_ROOT
SoybeanServer-2:cocos2d-x_1.0 soybeansoft$ cd MemeQuiz/
SoybeanServer-2:MemeQuiz soybeansoft$ cd android/
SoybeanServer-2:android soybeansoft$ ndk-gdb
jni/ *** Android NDK: Aborting. . Stop.
ERROR: The device does not support the application's targetted CPU ABIs!
Device supports: armeabi
Package supports: Android NDK: jni/ Cannot find module with tag 'CocosDenshion/android' in import path
Android NDK: Are you sure your NDK_MODULE_PATH variable is properly defined ?