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Quicklisp badge

Quicklisp badge now provides project badges for Quicklisp projects. It shows Quicklisp dist version when the project was updated last.

Once the project owner adds this badge to their README file, it will inform the project is ready for Quicklisp and its documentation is available on


It's available, however it was just added in this morning at whim and it may still have issues. Please try it and tell @nitro_idiot if you encountered any issues.


  • alexandria: Quicklisp
  • bordeaux-threads: Quicklisp
  • clack: Quicklisp
  • not available: Quicklisp

How to add Quicklisp badge to your README

Copy this snippet to your README files:

[![Quicklisp](<project name>.svg)](<project name>/)



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masatoi commented Feb 12, 2017

When README is written with org-mode, I wrote

#+ATTR_HTML: alt="Quicklisp"
[[<project name>/][<project name>.svg]]
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