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Inverse FizzBuzz in Common Lisp
(ql:quickload :optima)
(ql:quickload :alexandria)
(ql:quickload :cl-test-more)
(setq *print-circle* t)
(defpackage fizzbuzz
(:use :cl
(:export :fizzbuzzp
(in-package :fizzbuzz)
(defun fizzbuzzp (x)
(or (= 0 (mod x 3))
(= 0 (mod x 5))))
(defun to-fizzbuzz (x)
(match `(,(mod x 3) . ,(mod x 5))
((cons 0 0) :Fizzbuzz)
((cons 0 _) :Fizz)
((cons _ 0) :Buzz)))
(loop for i from 1 upto 100
if (fizzbuzzp i)
collect (to-fizzbuzz i))
(defpackage inverse-fizzbuzz
(:use :cl
(:import-from :alexandria
(:export :inverse-fizzbuzz))
(in-package :inverse-fizzbuzz)
(defparameter *fizzbuzz-list*
(apply #'circular-list
(loop for i from 1 to 15 collect (to-fizzbuzz i))))
(defun nthcar-nonnil (n list)
(loop while (> n 0)
while list
if (car list)
do (decf n)
collect (pop list)))
(defun matchp (input list)
(when (car list)
(let ((head-list (nthcar-nonnil (length input) list)))
(and (equal input
(remove nil head-list))
(defun inverse-fizzbuzz (input)
(loop for i from 1 upto 15
for fizzbuzz-list = *fizzbuzz-list* then (cdr fizzbuzz-list)
for result = (matchp input fizzbuzz-list)
if result
collect (cons i (+ i (1- (length result)))))
(lambda (a b)
(< (- (cdr a) (car a))
(- (cdr b) (car b)))))))
(defpackage inverse-fizzbuzz-test
(:use :cl
(:export :run))
(in-package :inverse-fizzbuzz-test)
(defun run ()
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:fizz))
'(3 . 3))
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:buzz))
'(5 . 5))
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:fizz :fizz :buzz))
'(6 . 10))
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:fizz :buzz))
'(9 . 10))
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:buzz :fizz))
'(5 . 6))
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:fizz :buzz :fizz))
'(3 . 6))
(is (inverse-fizzbuzz '(:fizz :fizz))
'(6 . 9)))
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