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Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
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redis key distribution profiling script
# profile.rb - A script that analyzes the memory usage of a redis instance from it's "dump.rdb"
# To run this script, edit the key_groups variable in the stats method, and then run
# `ruby profile.rb dump.rdb` in the command line.
# Running this script will:
# * Dump the contents of the input rdb file in CSV format to "/tmp/memory.csv"
# * Load the contents of "/tmp/memory.csv" to the table "mem" in the "redis_mem" database
# * Print the stats of each key group to STDOUT
# Dependencies:
# * The python library "redis-rdb-tools"
# * The postgresql database, with the database "redis_mem" created
# * The "pg" and "sequel" gems
require 'sequel'
DB = Sequel.connect('postgres://localhost/redis_mem', max_connections: 20)
# Run the rdb tool, and dump the results to the "redis_mem" database under the table "mem"
def load_rdb rdb_file
raise unless File.exists?(rdb_file)
puts "Running rdb..."
`rdb -c memory #{rdb_file} > /tmp/memory.csv`
puts "Load /tmp/memory.csv to database" "drop table mem" "create table mem (database int, type varchar(32), key varchar(256), size_in_bytes int, encoding varchar(32), num_elements int, len_largest_element int);"
`psql redis_mem -c "\\copy mem from /tmp/memory.csv with csv header"`
num_rows = DB['select count(1) from mem'].all[0][:count]
puts "Loaded #{num_rows} into database."
class KeyGroup
attr_accessor :desc, :regex, :num_keys, :mem
def initialize desc, regex
@desc = desc; @regex = regex
# Run queries on the database to compute the stats
def stats
key_groups = ['User liked', 'user:\d+:liked_collages'),'Friends feed', 'fb_auth:\d+:friend_collages'),'Views', 'collage::views:v3'),'Series updated_at', 'cb:series:updated_at'),'Collage liked by', 'collage:\d+:liked_by'),'Followed feed', 'user:\d+:followed_collages'),'Collage number of likes', 'collage::likes:v3'),'Echoes', 'collage:\d+:echoes_originating'),
threads = []
key_groups.each do |kg|
threads << do
res = DB["select sum(size_in_bytes), count(1) from mem where key similar to ?", kg.regex].all[0]
kg.mem = res[:sum]; kg.num_keys = res[:count]
puts "Completed #{kg.inspect}"
threads.each{ |t| t.join }
def print_key_groups key_groups
puts %|description,regex,"memory usage","number of keys"|
key_groups.each do |kg|
puts %|"#{kg.desc}","#{kg.regex}",#{kg.mem},#{kg.num_keys}|
def run_main
# ARGV[0] is expected to be the path of the rdb file
load_rdb ARGV[0]
key_groups = stats
print_key_groups key_groups
if File.identical?(__FILE__, $0)
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