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Easy to use memcache proxy class for php
Memcache Proxy Class for data
Furkan Mustafa, 2013.05
use it.
$dataUsedTooMuch = mem::cache('myhandle', 30, function() {
return db::query('SELECT CRAZY SLOW SQL SCRIPT');
class mem {
public static $conn = false;
public static $server = '';
public static $prefix = 'myKeyPrefix_';
public static function forceConnection() {
if (self::$conn) return true;
if (!self::$server) return false;
if (!class_exists('Memcache')) return false;
self::$conn = new Memcache();
$addressParts = explode(':', self::$server);
$port = (count($addressParts) > 1) ? array_pop($addressParts) : 11211;
$host = implode(':', $addressParts);
self::$conn->addServer($host, $port);
return true;
public static function get($name) {
if (!self::forceConnection()) return null;
return self::$conn->get(self::$prefix.$name);
public static function set($name, $var, $ttl = 300) {
if (!self::forceConnection()) return $var;
self::$conn->set(self::$prefix.$name, $var, 0, $ttl);
return $var;
public static function cache($name, $ttl, $block) {
$var = self::get($name);
if ($var) {
return $var;
$var = $block();
if (!$var) return $var;
self::set($name, $var, $ttl);
return $var;
public static function close() {
if (self::$conn)
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