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Created Sep 12, 2018

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M5Cloud (MicroPython) でDHT12センサを使うサンプルプログラム
MicroPython Aosong DHT12 I2C driver
class DHTBaseI2C:
def __init__(self, i2c=None, addr=0x5c):
if i2c == None:
from machine import I2C
self.i2c = I2C(sda=21, scl=22)
self.i2c = i2c
self.addr = addr
self.buf = bytearray(5)
def measure(self):
buf = self.buf
self.i2c.readfrom_mem_into(self.addr, 0, buf)
if (buf[0] + buf[1] + buf[2] + buf[3]) & 0xff != buf[4]:
raise Exception("checksum error")
class DHT12(DHTBaseI2C):
def humidity(self):
return self.buf[0] + self.buf[1] * 0.1
def temperature(self):
t = self.buf[2] + (self.buf[3] & 0x7f) * 0.1
if self.buf[3] & 0x80:
t = -t
return t
from m5stack import lcd
import dht12
import utime
sensor = dht12.DHT12()
temperature = sensor.temperature()
humidity = sensor.humidity()
lcd.setCursor(0, 0)
while True:
lcd.println('Temperature: {:.1f} `C Humidity: {:.1f} %'.format(temperature, humidity))
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