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Erik Hollembeak futureperfect

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futureperfect / logs.txt
Created Jun 11, 2018
PySpark Reduction
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py4j.protocol.Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling
: Failed to open native connection to Cassandra at {<Redacted>}:<Redacted port>
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.CassandraConnector$.com$datastax$spark$connector$cql$CassandraConnector$$createSession(CassandraConnector.scala:168)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.CassandraConnector$$anonfun$8.apply(CassandraConnector.scala:154)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.CassandraConnector$$anonfun$8.apply(CassandraConnector.scala:154)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.RefCountedCache.createNewValueAndKeys(RefCountedCache.scala:32)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.RefCountedCache.syncAcquire(RefCountedCache.scala:69)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.RefCountedCache.acquire(RefCountedCache.scala:57)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.CassandraConnector.openSession(CassandraConnector.scala:79)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.CassandraConnector.withSessionDo(CassandraConnector.scala:111)
futureperfect / demo.p8
Created Mar 6, 2018
PICO-8 Demo of a ball moving with arrow keys
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pico-8 cartridge //
version 16
-- move an ball on-screen
-- by erik hollembeak
-- Ball definition
futureperfect / fork_fd_test.c
Created Jan 13, 2018
How do concurrent writes by parent and child processes behave with a shared file descriptor?
View fork_fd_test.c
/* Write a program that opens a file (with the open() system call) and then
* calls fork() to create a new process. Can both the child and parent access
* the file descriptor returned by open()? What happens when they are writing to
* the file concurrently, i.e., at the same time? */
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
futureperfect / gist:066c6c320c9d0930fe648990a86ba4f4
Created Jan 9, 2018
A couple handy idioms for exploring ruby classes/objects and the methods they implement
View gist:066c6c320c9d0930fe648990a86ba4f4
# What methods does a class implement?
> Time.methods
=> [:!, :!=, :!~, :<, :<=, :<=>, :==, :===, :=~, :>, :>=, :__id__, :__send__, :allocate, :ancestors, :at, :autoload, :autoload?, :class, :class_eval, :class_exec, :class_variable_defined?, :class_variable_get, :class_variable_set, :class_variables, :clone, :const_defined?, :const_get, :const_missing, :const_set, :constants, :define_singleton_method, :deprecate_constant, :display, :dup, :enum_for, :eql?, :equal?, :extend, :freeze, :frozen?, :gm, :hash, :include, :include?, :included_modules, :inspect, :instance_eval, :instance_exec, :instance_method, :instance_methods, :instance_of?, :instance_variable_defined?, :instance_variable_get, :instance_variable_set, :instance_variables, :is_a?, :itself, :kind_of?, :local, :method, :method_defined?, :methods, :mktime, :module_eval, :module_exec, :name, :new, :nil?, :now, :object_id, :prepend, :private_class_method, :private_constant, :private_instance_methods, :private_method_defined?, :private_methods, :protected_
View infinite_a_reader.go
package main
import ""
type MyReader struct{}
func (reader MyReader) Read(b []byte) (int, error) {
count := 0
for i, _ := range b {
futureperfect / stripes.asm
Created Sep 14, 2017
Atari 2600 - Draw colored stripes to screen
View stripes.asm
; stripes.asm
; Example Atari 2600 program - paints
; colored stripes to the screen
; dasm stripes.asm -f3 -ostripes.bin
processor 6502
futureperfect / Gemfile
Created Aug 17, 2017
Trapping Rain Water
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source ""
gem "minitest"
futureperfect / Gemfile
Last active Jul 18, 2017
Reverse a string, but preserve position of any "special" character
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source ""
gem "minitest"
View guessing-game.rkt
#lang racket
(define lower-bound 1)
(define upper-bound 100)
(define (start n m)
(set! lower-bound (min n m))
(set! upper-bound (max n m))
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