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Created Aug 9, 2017
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import clr
from System import *
from System.Xml import *
from System.Net import *
from System.IO import *
from System.Text import *
from System.Collections.Generic import *
from System.Environment import *
from System.Threading import *
# Important! Set this location to where you have configured the CrowdControl Downloader to use as its File Location
file = "C:\\audiovau\\CrowdControl\\ccDownload.txt"
lines = Array[str]([''])
fileLastRead = DateTime.UtcNow.AddSeconds(-3)
def GetSong(slot=0):
return lines[slot]
except Exception, e:
print 'CrowdControl: Exception in GetSong ' + e.Message
return ''
def ReadFile():
global lines
global fileLastRead
#don't bother to read if it was read too recently
if fileLastRead > DateTime.UtcNow.AddSeconds(-2): #don't read it too often
print 'CrowdControl: Reading CC file'
lines = File.ReadAllLines(file)
fileLastRead = DateTime.UtcNow
print 'CrowdControl: Printing file contents...'
for l in lines:
print '\t' + l
def GetCCSongForSlot(item):
print 'CrowdControl: GetCCSongForSlot'
#attempt to read the file
print 'CrowdControl: Exception reading CC file'
#look backwards from the passed-in ID.
evalItem = None
if item != None:
evalItem = item.PreviousItem
if evalItem == None:
print 'CrowdControl: PreviousItem is null'
print 'CrowdControl: Working on ' + item.Id.ToString()
if evalItem != None:
slotsFoundBeforeNow = 0
count = 0
while count < 20:
count = count + 1
#keep looking past groups, non-scripts, and non-play events
if evalItem.HasChildren or (not evalItem.Name.Contains('{ccSlot}')) or (not evalItem.IsPlayEvent):
evalItem = evalItem.PreviousItem
#we stop if we find something that's completed or running
if evalItem.IsPlaying or evalItem.IsDone:
slotsFoundBeforeNow = slotsFoundBeforeNow + 1
evalItem = evalItem.PreviousItem
song = GetSong(slotsFoundBeforeNow)
print 'CrowdControl: Song for slot ' + slotsFoundBeforeNow.ToString() + ' (' + item.Id.ToString() + ') is ' + song
return song
except Exception, e:
print 'CrowdControl: Exception in GetCCSongForSlot ' + e.StackTrace + ' and message is ' + e.Message
def ccSlot():
return GetCCSongForSlot(ScheduleItem)
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