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Last active Nov 6, 2019
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encrypt and decrypt with kms, boto3 and pyCrypto. Python2 compatible
#!/usr/bin/env python
import base64
from Crypto import Random
import boto3
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
PAD = lambda s: s + (32 - len(s) % 32) * ' '
def get_arn(aws_data):
return 'arn:aws:kms:{region}:{account_number}:key/{key_id}'.format(**aws_data)
# encrypt the plaintext message using a kms key
def encrypt_data(aws_data, plaintext_message):
# get a kms client
kms_client = boto3.client(
# generate a temporary encryption key
data_key = kms_client.generate_data_key(
# get both the plaintext and encrypted parts of the key
cipher_text_blob = data_key.get('CiphertextBlob')
plaintext_key = data_key.get('Plaintext')
# create a random IV (init vector), used in the encryption.
# the iv can be made public, but must be created with CSPRNG
iv =
cypher =, AES.MODE_CBC, iv)
# encrypt with the plain key, and then prefix with iv and base64 the whole thing
encrypted_data = base64.b64encode(iv + cypher.encrypt(PAD(plaintext_message)))
# return the encrypted message along with the encrpyted key (in base64)
# need to preserve both of these data elements in order to decrypt
return encrypted_data, base64.b64encode(cipher_text_blob)
# decrypt the encrypted data using the encrpyted key and kms
def decrypt_data(aws_data, encrypted_data, cipher_text_blob):
kms_client = boto3.client(
# convert the encrypted key to plaintext key
decrypted_key = kms_client.decrypt(CiphertextBlob=base64.b64decode(cipher_text_blob)).get('Plaintext')
# un-base64 the encrypted data, seperate the iv from the message
enc = base64.b64decode(encrypted_data)
iv = enc[:AES.block_size]
# decrypt the message using the plaintext key and the iv
cypher =, AES.MODE_CBC, iv)
return cypher.decrypt(enc[AES.block_size:]).rstrip()
def main():
# Add your account number / region / KMS Key ID here.
aws_data = {
'region': 'us-east-1',
'account_number': 'xxxxx',
'key_id': 'yyyyy',
# And your super secret message to envelope encrypt...
plaintext = 'Hello, World!'
# Store encrypted_data & cipher_text_blob in your persistent storage. You will need them both later.
encrypted_data, cipher_text_blob = encrypt_data(aws_data, plaintext)
print 'encrypted_data: %s' % encrypted_data
print 'cipher_text_blob: %s.' % cipher_text_blob
# # Later on when you need to decrypt, get these from your persistent storage.
decrypted_data = decrypt_data(aws_data, encrypted_data, cipher_text_blob)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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