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const char* getStatusCodeString(int code) {
switch (code) {
case 100: return "Continue";
case 101: return "Switching Protocols";
case 102: return "Processing";
case 200: return "OK";
case 201: return "Created";
case 202: return "Accepted";
case 203: return "Non-Authoritative Information";
case 204: return "No Content";
case 205: return "Reset Content";
case 206: return "Partial Content";
case 207: return "Multi-Status";
case 208: return "Already Reported";
case 226: return "IM Used";
case 300: return "Multiple Choices";
case 301: return "Moved Permanently";
case 302: return "Found";
case 303: return "See Other";
case 304: return "Not Modified";
case 305: return "Use Proxy";
case 306: return "Reserved";
case 307: return "Temporary Redirect";
case 308: return "Permanent Redirect";
case 400: return "Bad Request";
case 401: return "Unauthorized";
case 402: return "Payment Required";
case 403: return "Forbidden";
case 404: return "Not Found";
case 405: return "Method Not Allowed";
case 406: return "Not Acceptable";
case 407: return "Proxy Authentication Required";
case 408: return "Request Timeout";
case 409: return "Conflict";
case 410: return "Gone";
case 411: return "Length Required";
case 412: return "Precondition Failed";
case 413: return "Request Entity Too Large";
case 414: return "Request-URI Too Long";
case 415: return "Unsupported Media Type";
case 416: return "Requested Range Not Satisfiable";
case 417: return "Expectation Failed";
case 422: return "Unprocessable Entity";
case 423: return "Locked";
case 424: return "Failed Dependency";
case 426: return "Upgrade Required";
case 428: return "Precondition Required";
case 429: return "Too Many Requests";
case 431: return "Request Header Fields Too Large";
case 500: return "Internal Server Error";
case 501: return "Not Implemented";
case 502: return "Bad Gateway";
case 503: return "Service Unavailable";
case 504: return "Gateway Timeout";
case 505: return "HTTP Version Not Supported";
case 506: return "Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental)";
case 507: return "Insufficient Storage";
case 508: return "Loop Detected";
case 510: return "Not Extended";
case 511: return "Network Authentication Required";
default: return "Unassigned";
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