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fwsGonzo/lua54_results.txt Secret

Last active Sep 28, 2020
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* All benchmark results are measured in 200x2000 samples
Self-test running ELF entry at 0x10118
Self-test running test function
Calling into event loop...!
Resuming event loop...!
RISC-V self-test OK
libriscv: fork median 255ns lowest: 248ns highest: 429ns
libriscv: install syscall median 4ns lowest: 4ns highest: 13ns
libriscv: function call median 3ns lowest: 3ns highest: 9ns
lua5.4: function call median 122ns lowest: 118ns highest: 167ns
native: array append median 0ns lowest: 0ns highest: 0ns
libriscv: array append median 24ns lowest: 24ns highest: 43ns
libriscv: array app. direct median 12ns lowest: 12ns highest: 39ns
lua5.4: table append median 183ns lowest: 182ns highest: 237ns
libriscv: many arguments median 132ns lowest: 130ns highest: 170ns
lua5.4: many arguments median 800ns lowest: 770ns highest: 881ns
native: sieve(1000) median 0ns lowest: 0ns highest: 0ns
libriscv: integer math median 16ns lowest: 16ns highest: 27ns
libriscv: fp math median 32ns lowest: 32ns highest: 55ns
libriscv: exp math median 32ns lowest: 32ns highest: 36ns
libriscv: fib(40) median 508ns lowest: 494ns highest: 578ns
lua5.4: integer math median 232ns lowest: 226ns highest: 292ns
lua5.4: fp math median 232ns lowest: 226ns highest: 313ns
lua5.4: exp math median 323ns lowest: 320ns highest: 369ns
lua5.4: fib(40) median 1071ns lowest: 1044ns highest: 1195ns
libriscv: syscall overhead median 8ns lowest: 8ns highest: 18ns
libriscv: syscall print median 41ns lowest: 40ns highest: 58ns
lua5.4: syscall overhead median 153ns lowest: 149ns highest: 203ns
lua5.4: syscall print median 216ns lowest: 214ns highest: 272ns
libriscv: complex syscall median 132ns lowest: 121ns highest: 183ns
lua5.4: complex syscall median 1408ns lowest: 1373ns highest: 1620ns
libriscv: micro threads median 123ns lowest: 122ns highest: 160ns
lua5.4: coroutines median 636ns lowest: 616ns highest: 732ns
libriscv: micro thread args median 169ns lowest: 165ns highest: 225ns
libriscv: full thread args median 237ns lowest: 236ns highest: 313ns
lua5.4: coroutine args median 749ns lowest: 725ns highest: 845ns
lua5.4: coroutine args median 748ns lowest: 724ns highest: 872ns
libriscv: naive memcpy median 661ns lowest: 645ns highest: 739ns
libriscv: syscall memcpy median 38ns lowest: 37ns highest: 67ns
lua5.4: memcpy median 5247ns lowest: 5056ns highest: 5804ns
libriscv: sieve(10M) median 273ms lowest: 273ms highest: 273ms
lua5.4: sieve(10M) median 864ms lowest: 864ms highest: 864ms
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