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fwsGonzo/lua54_results.txt Secret

Last active Jun 5, 2021
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* All benchmark results are measured in 200x2000 samples
Self-test running ELF entry at 0x10118
Self-test running test function
Calling into event loop...!
Resuming event loop...!
RISC-V self-test OK
libriscv: fork median 119ns lowest: 115ns highest: 131ns
libriscv: install syscall median 3ns lowest: 3ns highest: 4ns
libriscv: function call median 4ns lowest: 4ns highest: 5ns
lua5.4: function call median 133ns lowest: 126ns highest: 147ns
native: array append median 0ns lowest: 0ns highest: 0ns
libriscv: array append median 175ns lowest: 172ns highest: 193ns
libriscv: array app. direct median 14ns lowest: 14ns highest: 17ns
lua5.4: table append median 221ns lowest: 213ns highest: 235ns
libriscv: many arguments median 115ns lowest: 111ns highest: 120ns
lua5.4: many arguments median 815ns lowest: 797ns highest: 835ns
libriscv: integer math median 19ns lowest: 18ns highest: 25ns
libriscv: fp math median 35ns lowest: 35ns highest: 41ns
libriscv: exp math median 33ns lowest: 32ns highest: 37ns
libriscv: fib(40) median 590ns lowest: 566ns highest: 607ns
libriscv: taylor(1K) median 13347ns lowest: 13311ns highest: 15330ns
lua5.4: integer math median 284ns lowest: 254ns highest: 302ns
lua5.4: fp math median 262ns lowest: 244ns highest: 276ns
lua5.4: exp math median 241ns lowest: 228ns highest: 248ns
lua5.4: fib(40) median 1454ns lowest: 1371ns highest: 1545ns
lua5.4: taylor(1K) median 23382ns lowest: 23009ns highest: 28959ns
libriscv: syscall overhead median 8ns lowest: 7ns highest: 9ns
libriscv: syscall print median 39ns lowest: 37ns highest: 44ns
lua5.4: syscall overhead median 174ns lowest: 164ns highest: 184ns
lua5.4: syscall print median 251ns lowest: 241ns highest: 264ns
libriscv: complex syscall median 143ns lowest: 138ns highest: 148ns
lua5.4: complex syscall median 1560ns lowest: 1525ns highest: 1699ns
libriscv: micro threads median 112ns lowest: 110ns highest: 121ns
lua5.4: coroutines median 682ns lowest: 661ns highest: 704ns
libriscv: micro thread args median 146ns lowest: 140ns highest: 165ns
libriscv: full thread args median 265ns lowest: 231ns highest: 278ns
lua5.4: coroutine args median 787ns lowest: 767ns highest: 805ns
lua5.4: coroutine args median 784ns lowest: 768ns highest: 809ns
libriscv: naive memcpy median 787ns lowest: 781ns highest: 853ns
libriscv: syscall memcpy median 32ns lowest: 31ns highest: 34ns
lua5.4: memcpy median 7354ns lowest: 6391ns highest: 8718ns
libriscv: sieve(10M) median 627ms lowest: 627ms highest: 627ms
lua5.4: sieve(10M) median 974ms lowest: 974ms highest: 974ms
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