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@fwsGonzo fwsGonzo/lua54_results.txt Secret

Created Jun 30, 2020
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RISC-V self-test OK
* All benchmark results are measured in 200x2000 samples
libriscv: function call median 5ns lowest: 4ns highest: 12ns
lua5.4: function call median 109ns lowest: 106ns highest: 224ns
native: array append median 0ns lowest: 0ns highest: 0ns
libriscv: array append median 33ns lowest: 33ns highest: 65ns
libriscv: array app. direct median 24ns lowest: 23ns highest: 54ns
lua5.4: table append median 169ns lowest: 168ns highest: 315ns
libriscv: many arguments median 165ns lowest: 162ns highest: 322ns
lua5.4: many arguments median 749ns lowest: 737ns highest: 1003ns
libriscv: integer math median 39ns lowest: 38ns highest: 68ns
libriscv: fp math median 52ns lowest: 51ns highest: 103ns
libriscv: exp math median 58ns lowest: 57ns highest: 102ns
lua5.4: integer math median 219ns lowest: 218ns highest: 374ns
lua5.4: fp math median 216ns lowest: 214ns highest: 405ns
lua5.4: exp math median 309ns lowest: 306ns highest: 489ns
libriscv: syscall overhead median 11ns lowest: 11ns highest: 22ns
libriscv: syscall print median 62ns lowest: 59ns highest: 132ns
lua5.4: syscall overhead median 134ns lowest: 130ns highest: 252ns
lua5.4: syscall print median 195ns lowest: 194ns highest: 383ns
libriscv: complex syscall median 524ns lowest: 517ns highest: 747ns
lua5.4: complex syscall median 1282ns lowest: 1245ns highest: 1593ns
libriscv: micro threads median 153ns lowest: 146ns highest: 267ns
lua5.4: coroutines median 645ns lowest: 629ns highest: 821ns
libriscv: micro thread args median 165ns lowest: 162ns highest: 292ns
libriscv: full thread args median 366ns lowest: 342ns highest: 639ns
lua5.4: coroutine args median 749ns lowest: 737ns highest: 995ns
lua5.4: coroutine args median 748ns lowest: 737ns highest: 1050ns
libriscv: naive memcpy median 1059ns lowest: 1030ns highest: 1334ns
libriscv: syscall memcpy median 63ns lowest: 61ns highest: 130ns
lua5.4: memcpy median 5127ns lowest: 4810ns highest: 5668ns
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