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Last active Oct 13, 2021
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mnist with sklearn
import numpy
import random
from numpy import arange
#from classification import *
from sklearn import metrics
from sklearn.datasets import fetch_mldata
from sklearn.ensemble import RandomForestClassifier
from sklearn.utils import shuffle
import time
def run():
mnist = fetch_mldata('MNIST original'), = shuffle(,
# Trunk the data
n_train = 60000
n_test = 10000
# Define training and testing sets
indices = arange(len(
#train_idx = random.sample(indices, n_train)
#test_idx = random.sample(indices, n_test)
train_idx = arange(0,n_train)
test_idx = arange(n_train+1,n_train+n_test)
X_train, y_train =[train_idx],[train_idx]
X_test, y_test =[test_idx],[test_idx]
# Apply a learning algorithm
print "Applying a learning algorithm..."
clf = RandomForestClassifier(n_estimators=10,n_jobs=2), y_train)
# Make a prediction
print "Making predictions..."
y_pred = clf.predict(X_test)
#print y_pred
# Evaluate the prediction
print "Evaluating results..."
print "Precision: \t", metrics.precision_score(y_test, y_pred)
print "Recall: \t", metrics.recall_score(y_test, y_pred)
print "F1 score: \t", metrics.f1_score(y_test, y_pred)
print "Mean accuracy: \t", clf.score(X_test, y_test)
if __name__ == "__main__":
start_time = time.time()
results = run()
end_time = time.time()
print "Overall running time:", end_time - start_time
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chenchunaidu commented Nov 5, 2018

it is showing
"RemoteDisconnected: Remote end closed connection without response"
error in jupyter notebook can you say what is happening

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timkofu commented Jul 18, 2019

Had the same issue witth fetch_mldata(). After reading this SF answer I downloaded it from Kaggle.

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EyjanHuang commented Nov 19, 2019

There is a problem that if I use the original .idx file, transform it into the matrix and train it, the time is so long. Any better solution?

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codeshoper commented Sep 28, 2020

i can't import the dataset whenever i try to do so this error pops up
ImportError: cannot import name 'fetch_mldata' from 'sklearn.datasets'

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sri-vishnu-001 commented May 9, 2021

i can't import the dataset whenever i try to do so this error pops up
ImportError: cannot import name 'fetch_mldata' from 'sklearn.datasets'

use fetch_openml inplace of fetch_mldata and use 'mnist_784' inplace of 'MNIST original'

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