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function main() {
var accountBudgetLimit = 80; // set your account budget limit here
var accountCampaignsCost = 0;
var Campaign_List = "['Women Sport Shoes', 'Men Sport Shoes']";
var Email_Address = "";
var campaigns = AdWordsApp.campaigns()
.withCondition("Name IN " + Campaign_List)
while (campaigns.hasNext()) {
var campaign =;
var stats = campaign.getStatsFor("ALL_TIME"); // gets stats for ALL TIME, you may change the date range based on your requirment. Valid values: TODAY, YESTERDAY, LAST_7_DAYS, THIS_WEEK_SUN_TODAY, THIS_WEEK_MON_TODAY, LAST_WEEK, LAST_14_DAYS, LAST_30_DAYS, LAST_WEEK, LAST_BUSINESS_WEEK, LAST_WEEK_SUN_SAT, THIS_MONTH, LAST_MONTH, ALL_TIME
accountCampaignsCost += stats.getCost(); // gets the cost of the campaign
Logger.log(campaign.getName() + " = " + stats.getCost());
Logger.log("sum = " + accountCampaignsCost);
if (accountCampaignsCost >= accountBudgetLimit) { // If the total costs of the campaign has reached or exceeded the specified limit, pause the camapaigns
Logger.log("Budget has exceeded the limit!");
var campaignIterator = AdWordsApp.campaigns()
.withCondition("Status = ENABLED")
while (campaignIterator.hasNext()) {
var campaign =;
Logger.log("Pausing campaign " + campaign.getName() + "...");
'ِYour Campaigns paused!',
'Your campaigns reached the specified budget and thus campaigns were stopped.');
} else if (accountCampaignsCost >= (accountBudgetLimit * 0.9)) { // Checks if the total cost of the campaigns has reached 90% of the specified limit
'Your advertising budget is running out!',
'More than 90% of the specified budget is spent on your account.'); // notifies you with an email when total cost of the campaigns has reached 90% of the specified limit.
} else {
Logger.log("Total spending of campaigns has not yet reached the account budget limit."); }
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starterfirm commented Aug 18, 2020

Thanks for sharing. Finally working (out of the box) code!


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