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#| foo |#
;;; foo
foo bar baz
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(let* ((a+b (make-string 10 :initial-element #\_))
(a (make-array 5 :displaced-to a+b :element-type 'character))
(b (make-array 5 :displaced-to a+b :displaced-index-offset 5 :element-type 'character)))
(setf (subseq a 0 2) "ab"
(subseq b 0 2) "cd")
(list a b a+b))
;=> ("ab___" "cd___" "ab___cd___")
g000001 / gf-foo.lisp
Created Aug 12, 2017
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g000001 / run.lisp
Created Jun 28, 2017
Zebra (Common Prolog & PAIProlog)
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(flet ((run (name)
(format T "~&==== ~S ====~%" name))
(funcall name)))
(run 'paiprolog-zebra::zebra-benchmark)
(run 'clog-zebra::zebra-benchmark)
(run 'clog-zebra::zebra-benchmark/))
g000001 / defrunlisp.el
Last active Jan 17, 2017
*inferior-lisp* rename
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(defmacro defrunlisp (name &optional lisp-exe-path)
(let ((sname (symbol-name name)))
`(defun ,(intern (concat "run-" sname)) ()
(run-lisp ,(or lisp-exe-path sname))
(rename-buffer ,(concat "*inferior-" sname "*")))))
(defrunlisp sbcl "sbcl.wrapper")
View time.lisp
;;; 素の状態
(loop :for cnt :from 0
:do (sb-ext:call-with-timing (lambda (&key bytes-consed &allow-other-keys)
(unless (zerop bytes-consed)
(return (print (list bytes-consed cnt)))))
(lambda ()
(let ((a #*10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
(b #*10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000))
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0))
(simple-bit-vector a b))
View gist:f7e9909239808aad70a5cf9fa112948e
(define (printfoobar)
(define place (zowie))
(define (printfoo)
(define place (zowie))
(define (zowie)
View lunar.emacs
!~Filename~:! !Moon's -*-TECO-*- Library!
!& Load Airless Environment:! !S This is my init file
It's here so that comments will get compressed.
Argument is a string which is the user name!
!* process job command line !
hk fj 0,0a-3"E -d' !* remove ^C at end if any!
0,-1a-15."E -2d' !* remove crlf at end if any.!
g000001 / prolog.teco
Created Nov 5, 2016
Library for PROLOG Editing System by T.Chikayama
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!* -*-TECO-*- Library for PROLOG Editing System by T.Chikayama!
!~FILENAME~:! !Package for programming in PROLOG!
!& Setup PROLOG Library:! !& Set up environment for editing PROLOG codes.
Make *PROLOG* buffer for later use.!
F[D File◊ !* Save Teco Default Filename. !
1,:I**PROLOG*◊M(M.M &_Find_Buffer◊)"L !* If no *PROLOG* buffer yet,!
View foo.lisp
(defclass symbolic-object-class (standard-class)
(defmethod allocate-instance
((class symbolic-object-class) &rest args &key)
(let ((inst (gensym "SYMBOLIC-OBJECT-")))
(setf (get inst :class) class)
(dolist (slot (class-slots class) inst)
(setf (get inst (clos:slot-definition-name slot)) :unbound))))
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