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/!\ The feature has been implemented already, more infos on how to use it in the tutorial on the forum.

Feedback time. We would like to add a 1st level "teach": {} (like "path" or "battle") to set the moves to learn, to never forget or to forget in priority.

"teach": {
  "pokemonName": {
    "force": true,
    "toLearn": ["moveA", "moveB", "moveC", "moveD", "moveE"],
    "toForget": ["moveF", "moveG", "moveH"],
    "toKeep": ["moveA", "moveC", "moveE"]

The script will try to learn any new move in "toLearn", it will erase one of the moves in the "toForget" list. If the pokemon does not know a move matching "toForget" it will erase the first move that is not in "toKeep".

If "force" is set to false (by default), it will never forget a move that is not in the "toForget" list.

What do you think? Do you see it differently?

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