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Clojure from the Ground Up - Sequences - Exercises My answers to the exercises from:
; Sequences
; Write a function to find out if a string is a palindrome–that is, if it looks the same forwards and backwards.
(defn revStr
"Reverses s and returns as a string"
(apply str (reverse s)))
(defn palindrome?
(= s (revStr s)))
; Find the number of ‘c’s in “abracadabra”.
(count (filter #(= % \c) "abracadabra"))
; Or
((frequencies "abracadabra") \c)
; Write your own version of filter.
(defn my-filter
[pred coll]
(reduce (fn [result val]
(if (pred val)
(conj result val)
; Find the first 100 prime numbers
(defn divisible? [x y] (= (rem x y) 0))
(defn prime? [n]
(not-any? #(divisible? n %) (range 2 n)))
(take 100 (filter prime? (iterate inc 2) ))
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