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Last active Jan 9, 2021
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orange pi iot 2g notes
General notes on OrangePi boards:
On the download page you will find many SD card images but not a single image works as one would expect.
Do not forget to set the boot switch to SDCARD instead of NAND!!!! If you are not sure what are you doing, try turning the device on
without SD card and if it is booting, it uses NAND. You will also notice this after logging in, when you are not able to create or modify
any file, since the FS is mounted as read only.
There is on board UART running at unusual 921600 bauds next to USB port (GND/RX/TX), or for OrangePi IOT 3G you need to connect to
USART2 on extension header. Use putty on windows or screen on linux/osx to talk to this device. If you receive garbage even when
the baudrate is correct, check your UART connection if it is correctly grounded or power the orangePi directly from USB port of your
computer. If you will receive shitload of debugging messages, reduce them by calling
"echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk" (or try zero).
Common problems:
1. cannot alter any configuration file - system is mounted as readonly, you are booting from NAND
2. wpa_cli not working because wpa_supplicant not responding - common problem, try another image or learn how to start wpa_supplicant
3. all images are stuck for minutes (3-5min) during startup (WTF!?!?!) at "A start job is running for...." trying to boot from network
or non existing peripherals.
4. terminal stops responding (unstable power supply)
1. use jumper switch to boot from SD
2. use UART to USB converter, baud rate 921600
3. login is root/orangepi or root/1234
4. try to configure the board calling OrangePi_Settings (or armbian_config?)
5. restart the device using "sudo reboot" or "sudo halt" & power cycle
during startup waits 5 minutes "A start job is running for Raise..."
change timeout "TimeoutStartSec=30sec" in
or disable service:
sudo systemctl disable systemd-networkd-wait-online.service
login root/orangepi
observed random behavior: terminal not responding few seconds after logging in - after fresh flashing (probably caused by
unstable power supply)
After configuring wifi with OrangePi_Settings and rebooting, the system shows crashdump and then freezes
[ 19.998107] rda_msys : rda-codec : no available space!
[ 19.998596] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 19.999145] kernel BUG at arch/arm/plat-rda/md_sys.c:224!
[ 19.999816] Internal error: Oops - BUG: 0 [#1] PREEMPT THUMB2
[ 20.000549] Modules linked in: rdawfmac autofs4
It seems that this crash dump is generated during "Starting WPA supplicant..."
Takes 1 min 45 seconds to startup (waits about one minute at the network boot)
Configured wifi with OrangePi_Settings and rebooted with command "reboot"
From the settings utility only the Wifi, Audio and Camera sections work.
checked IP address with ifconfig, but dns not properly set
called command "echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf"
after reboot ip not set
always getting error log messages since startup:
[ 228.046569] rda-mmc rda-mmc.1: cmd 52, wait resp fail, ifc = 255, ret = -5
[ 228.047424] rda-mmc rda-mmc.1: rda_mmc_request fail, ret = -5
[ 228.048950] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<sdioh_request_byte,117>: Failed to write :@0x00009=01,Err: -5.
[ 228.049804] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_chip_wake_up,125>: Write URSDIO_FUNC1_INT_TO_DEVICE failed!
[ 228.067565] rda-mmc rda-mmc.1: rsp noResponseReceived
[ 228.068054] rda-mmc rda-mmc.1: cmd 52, wait resp fail, ifc = 255, ret = -5
[ 228.068908] rda-mmc rda-mmc.1: rda_mmc_request fail, ret = -5
[ 228.069641] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<sdioh_request_byte,117>: Failed to read :@0x00005=ff,Err: -5.
[ 228.070617] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_sdio_flow_ctrl_91e,418>: wland read URSDIO_FUNC1_INT_PENDING failed......ret = -5
[ 228.071899] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_sdio_flow_ctrl,449>: wland_sdio_flow_ctrl_91e failed!
[ 228.072875] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_sdio_send_pkt,480>: wland_sdio_flow_ctrl failed!
[ 228.073852] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_proto_cdc_data,232>: set_dcmd failed status: -5
[ 228.699218] rda_modem_pm_notify status:0x2
wpa_cli cannot see any wifi network
on next reboot, IP was properly set and DNS works as well!
Able to connect to the device remotely using "ssh"
every reboot, different ip is assigned by dhcp
"apt update" was unable to finish
wifi unstable, apt fails reporting that the network is not available
tried power cycling, but no reliable wifi connection, ping 30-500ms, for some periods of time unreachable, when touched
or changed the antenna orientation, got some signal but then signal dropped shortly
Start job limit is set to 1min 30s, tries to boot from dev-ttyS0.device or dev-disk-by/x2du
Takes 2 minutes to shell
Login is root/1234
run "armbian-config" to configure wifi
dns not properly set, called "echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf"
system not responding to any commands, seems halted without any message
unable to boot from SD "Open SD card Failed"
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