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MPTableViewAdPlacer integration overview
// MoPub MPTableViewAdPlacer integration overview
// In table view controller:
self.adPlacer = [MPTableViewAdPlacer placerWithTableView:self.tableView
defaultAdRenderingClass:[SomeTableViewAdCell class]];
[self.adPlacer loadAdsForAdUnitID:@"mopub_ad_unit_id"];
// In format definition:
@interface SomeTableViewAdCell : UITableViewCell<MPNativeAdRendering>
+ (CGSize)sizeWithMaximumWidth:(CGFloat)maximumWidth {
return CGSizeMake(maxWidth, 90f);
- (void)layoutAdAssets:(MPNativeAd *)adData {
[adData loadImageIntoImageView:self.adImage];
[adData loadTextIntoLabel:self.adTextLabel];
[adData loadIconIntoImageView:self.advertiserIcon];
[adData loadTitleIntoLabel:self.advertiserNameLabel];
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Manigandasaravanan commented Aug 28, 2016

I cant find loadImageIntoImageView, loadTextIntoLabel, loadIconIntoImageView, loadTitleIntoLabel these method in MPNativeAd. Please check and let me know in latest SDK.

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