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Use file which controls which keystore to use to sign the APK with gradle.
android {
signingConfigs {
buildTypes {
release {
signingConfig signingConfigs.release
def Properties props = new Properties()
def propFile = new File('')
if (propFile.canRead()){
props.load(new FileInputStream(propFile))
if (props!=null && props.containsKey('STORE_FILE') && props.containsKey('STORE_PASSWORD') &&
props.containsKey('KEY_ALIAS') && props.containsKey('KEY_PASSWORD')) {
android.signingConfigs.release.storeFile = file(props['STORE_FILE'])
android.signingConfigs.release.storePassword = props['STORE_PASSWORD']
android.signingConfigs.release.keyAlias = props['KEY_ALIAS']
android.signingConfigs.release.keyPassword = props['KEY_PASSWORD']
} else {
println ' found but some entries are missing'
android.buildTypes.release.signingConfig = null
}else {
println ' not found'
android.buildTypes.release.signingConfig = null


elbow95 commented Mar 7, 2016


tavioto commented Mar 12, 2016

Thank you!! this solved my problem

huttarl commented Apr 7, 2016

Thank you, this helped me solve exactly the same problem you had.

Very good thanks alot it also solved my problem the way

ajitdubey-mob-ibtech commented Dec 13, 2017

When I build project found error message

Error:(17, 0) Could not get unknown property 'release' for SigningConfig container of type org.gradle.api.internal.FactoryNamedDomainObjectContainer.

zdavatz commented Feb 2, 2018

Great solution @gabrielemariotti thanks for sharing this!
This is how I did it: zdavatz/generika_android@e16af6f

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