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How to obtain a CardView (support library) with a Image and rounded corners for API<21
ImageView imageView = (ImageView) findViewById(;
Bitmap mBitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.rose);
} else {
RoundCornersDrawable round = new RoundCornersDrawable(mBitmap,
getResources().getDimension(R.dimen.cardview_default_radius), 0); //or your custom radius
CardView cardView = (CardView) findViewById(;
cardView.setPreventCornerOverlap(false); //it is very important
* Image with rounded corners
* You can find the original source here:
* @author Gabriele Mariotti (
public class RoundCornersDrawable extends Drawable {
private final float mCornerRadius;
private final RectF mRect = new RectF();
//private final RectF mRectBottomR = new RectF();
//private final RectF mRectBottomL = new RectF();
private final BitmapShader mBitmapShader;
private final Paint mPaint;
private final int mMargin;
public RoundCornersDrawable(Bitmap bitmap, float cornerRadius, int margin) {
mCornerRadius = cornerRadius;
mBitmapShader = new BitmapShader(bitmap,
Shader.TileMode.CLAMP, Shader.TileMode.CLAMP);
mPaint = new Paint();
mMargin = margin;
protected void onBoundsChange(Rect bounds) {
mRect.set(mMargin, mMargin, bounds.width() - mMargin, bounds.height() - mMargin);
//mRectBottomR.set( (bounds.width() -mMargin) / 2, (bounds.height() -mMargin)/ 2,bounds.width() - mMargin, bounds.height() - mMargin);
// mRectBottomL.set( 0, (bounds.height() -mMargin) / 2, (bounds.width() -mMargin)/ 2, bounds.height() - mMargin);
public void draw(Canvas canvas) {
canvas.drawRoundRect(mRect, mCornerRadius, mCornerRadius, mPaint);
//canvas.drawRect(mRectBottomR, mPaint); //only bottom-right corner not rounded
//canvas.drawRect(mRectBottomL, mPaint); //only bottom-left corner not rounded
public int getOpacity() {
return PixelFormat.TRANSLUCENT;
public void setAlpha(int alpha) {
public void setColorFilter(ColorFilter cf) {

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jplauber commented Nov 5, 2014

Thank you :) That works fine for me


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prashantwosti commented Nov 13, 2014

Thanks for this. But what if I have image loaders such as picasso and UIL in an adapter and I have to make image round at its corner? a little snippet would be great.

Thanks again.


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mheras commented Nov 21, 2014

+1 to @prashantwosti. I also need a way to use this with PIcasso within an adapter. Any idea on how to achieve it? Thanks!!!!


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ndorigatti commented Jan 16, 2015

on picasso you can use Transformation to transform the bitmap after the download so you have to work on it a bit


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vsahu1986 commented Jan 28, 2015



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alamkanak commented Feb 12, 2015

It does not seem to behave correctly if I set scaleType of the ImageView to be centerCrop. Still zooms the image to the actual size.


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ianmartorell commented Mar 8, 2015

This method sets the image as a background, and it looks like there is currently no way to centerCrop a background.


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kaine987 commented May 3, 2015

Is this method supposed to also work to get rounded corners for the enclosed image?


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shnapsi commented Jun 8, 2015

can you please share the "@style/card_thumbnail_image"?



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cathirv commented Sep 17, 2015

Hi, this is just what I need, but I get out, because not wear a drawable, but is an image database, a string:

sport.get (position) .getImagen ()

Please help, I have several days with this problem. Thank you


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wandering7man commented May 16, 2016

Thank you.

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