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Standardized API Version and Capability Discovery for OpenStack


We are moving into an era of OpenStack where heterogeneous clouds may include services based on differing versions of APIs and with unpredictable extensions and drivers providing differing capabilities for similar service types. Thus

gabrielhurley / PKG_INFO
Created Mar 10, 2013
PKG_INFO file generated from Horizon with "python sdist" command.
Metadata-Version: 1.1
Name: horizon
Version: 2013.1.a146.g2b5e55c
Summary: The OpenStack Dashboard.
Author: OpenStack
License: Apache 2.0
Description: =============================
Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard)
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Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
X-Auth-Token: 4c435bd00e5f12f6ede36b7bc9fdeb37
status: 200
content-length: 41
accept-ranges: bytes
x-timestamp: 1361061563.59130
View devstack_quantum_auth_failure.log
+ /opt/stack/nova/bin/nova-manage network create private 1 256
2012-08-07 19:59:14 WARNING [req-d60cdd7c-40f3-4041-87c1-64e3a3c75098 None None] QuantumManager does not use 'bridge' parameter.
QuantumManager does not use 'bridge' parameter.
2012-08-07 19:59:14 WARNING [req-d60cdd7c-40f3-4041-87c1-64e3a3c75098 None None] QuantumManager does not use 'bridge_interface' parameter.
QuantumManager does not use 'bridge_interface' parameter.
2012-08-07 19:59:14 DEBUG [req-d60cdd7c-40f3-4041-87c1-64e3a3c75098 None None] Quantum Client Request: POST /v1.1/tenants/default/networks.json from (pid=13521) do_request /opt/stack/nova/nova/network/quantum/
Quantum Client Request: POST /v1.1/tenants/default/networks.json
2012-08-07 19:59:14 DEBUG [req-d60cdd7c-40f3-4041-87c1-64e3a3c75098 None None] {"network": {"name": "private", "nova_id": "nova"}} from (pid=13521) d
gabrielhurley / project_id.diff
Created Jul 24, 2012
Project Workflows Add Project ID
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diff --git a/horizon/dashboards/syspanel/projects/ b/horizon/dashboards/syspanel/projects/
index e5f2f54..ec3a6e6 100644
--- a/horizon/dashboards/syspanel/projects/
+++ b/horizon/dashboards/syspanel/projects/
@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ class UpdateProjectView(workflows.WorkflowView):
initial = super(UpdateProjectView, self).get_initial()
project_id = self.kwargs['tenant_id']
- initial['id'] = project_id
+ initial['project_id'] = project_id
gabrielhurley / proj_membership_html.html
Created Jul 5, 2012
structure for project membership HTML
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<div class="combo-box">
<div class="header"># Title, actions, filters</div>
<ul class="items">
<li class="item" data-user-id="<user_id>">
<span># Name</span>
<a href="#add/remove"># Add/Remove</a>
<ul class="role dropdown"> # For "included" box only
<li data-role-id="<role_id>"># Role name</li>
View jenkins_selenium.rst

Selenium Jenkins Integration

Medium detail overview of steps involved

  • Add appropriate packages to build slave:

    sudo apt-get install xvfb          # virtual display
gabrielhurley / openstack_translation.rst
Created Jun 22, 2012
Translation, Internationalization and Localization in OpenStack
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Translation, Internationalization and Localization in OpenStack

OpenStack is committed to broad international support, and as such there must be an ongoing concern with making OpenStack usable for all audiences. This includes proper use of internationalization and localization tools by developers, and high-quality translations for both user-facing messages and documentation.

gabrielhurley / admin_server_list.json
Created May 23, 2012
sample json returned from admin server list call
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REQ: GET<tenant_id>/servers/detail?all_tenants=True
"servers": [
"OS-EXT-STS:task_state": null,
"addresses": {
"private": [
gabrielhurley / workflows.rst
Created May 2, 2012
Horizon Workflows API Proposal
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Workflows API

This proposal describes how the Workflows API should be constructed.

Design Goals