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"user": {
"debug": false,
"delay": 0.25,
"error_color": "D02000",
"gutter_theme": "Packages/SublimeLinter/gutter-themes/Default/Default.gutter-theme",
"gutter_theme_excludes": [],
"lint_mode": "background",
"linters": {
"rubocop": {
"@disable": false,
"args": [],
"excludes": []
"mark_style": "none",
"no_column_highlights_line": true,
"passive_warnings": false,
"paths": {
"linux": [""],
"osx": ["~/.rbenv/shims"],
"windows": []
"python_paths": {
"linux": [],
"osx": [],
"windows": []
"rc_search_limit": 3,
"shell_timeout": 10,
"show_errors_on_save": false,
"show_marks_in_minimap": true,
"syntax_map": {
"html (django)": "html",
"html (rails)": "html",
"html 5": "html",
"javascript (babel)": "javascript",
"magicpython": "python",
"php": "html",
"python django": "python",
"pythonimproved": "python"
"warning_color": "DDB700",
"wrap_find": true
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