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. .\lib.common\MethodHelpers.ps1
. .\lib.common\PowerObject.ps1
function Get-Color{
Param ()
DynamicParam {
[System.Drawing.Color]::FromName,[System.Drawing.Color]::FromKnownColor | Get-DynamicParamForMethod
process {
[System.Drawing.Color]::FromName,[System.Drawing.Color]::FromKnownColor | Invoke-MethodOverloadFromBoundParam -parameterSet $PSCmdlet.ParameterSetName -Parameters $PSBoundParameters
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Slightly changed the code to allow several method through the use of the pipeline.
I haven't tested loads of cases, and there's no collision detection between the method signature.
If 2 methods have same empty signature it's probably not going to work, or if a parameter has the same name but different type. Be warned :)

Do provide me with example if stuff do not work, and I might have a look.

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