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gRPC's helloworld example modified to demonstrate deadlines and keepalive TCP_USER_TIMEOUT introduced in 1.16
import grpc
import time
import helloworld_pb2
import helloworld_pb2_grpc
def run():
channel_opts = [
# Interval at which grpc will send keepalive pings
# Amount of time grpc waits for a keepalive ping to be
# acknowledged before deeming the connection unhealthy and closing
# this also sets TCP_USER_TIMEOUT for the underlying socket to this value
channel = grpc.insecure_channel("localhost:1234", options=channel_opts)
stub = helloworld_pb2_grpc.GreeterStub(channel)
while True:
# Some large message
msg = 'Hello' * 100000
response = stub.SayHello(helloworld_pb2.HelloRequest(name=msg), timeout=0.3)
except RpcError as e:
# Handle timeouts here
# Do something with response
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