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Reverse Mouse Wheel scroll in Windows 11 (Natural Mode like MacOS)

Reverse Mouse Wheel scroll in Windows 11

Chose between natural mode like MacOS or Windows default mode.

Step 1: Open Windows PowerShell in Administrator Mode.

You can do this by going to Start Menu, type PowerShell, and click Run as Administrator.

Step 2: Copy the following code and paste it in the command line of Windows PowerShell:

$mode = Read-host "How do you like your mouse scroll (0 or 1)?"; Get-PnpDevice -Class Mouse -PresentOnly -Status OK | ForEach-Object { "$($_.Name): $($_.DeviceID)"; Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\$($_.DeviceID)\Device Parameters" -Name FlipFlopWheel -Value $mode; "+--- Value of FlipFlopWheel is set to " + (Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\$($_.DeviceID)\Device Parameters").FlipFlopWheel + "`n" }

The code above is one-liner PowerShell script. Copy-paste it as-is.

Step 3: It will ask how do you like your mouse to scroll.

Downward wheel motion makes the page...

0 - Move up so you see contents below (Default Mode, Windows behavior)

1 - Move down so you can see contents above (Natural Mode, Mac behavior, reverse mode)

Type the number that corresponds to your scroll preference.

Step 4: Restart your computer.

Your settings will take effect after you restart.

Step 5 (optional)

Give yourself a favor and buy a Mac.




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olsenlid commented Mar 6, 2023

Literally just logged in to my account to say, THANK YOU!!!

Been doing this manually a few times now, and it's driving me mad that they removed such a simple option that they very much could keep.

Now, to go even further, maybe you could make this into a .bat file or something that you could just double click to run, to enable reverse scrolling. And a prompt at the end of the script if you want to reboot.

Again, many, many thanks!

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gagarine commented Mar 7, 2023

Thanks <3. I could create a 1$ paid app hahaha

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olsenlid commented Mar 9, 2023

Thanks <3. I could create a 1$ paid app hahaha

I'd buy it for sure. I've not seen this done anywhere else. The other guides are just pointing to the same registry methods.

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THANK YOU for this script! Super handy.. However, no need to restart, just need to disconnect/reconnect your mouse to take effect

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Also logged in to say THANK YOU. Also would happily donate - the other methods I tried required editing the Registry, and then the system reset itself (after an update? not sure) which is beyond maddening. Thanks for making it easy.

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u da real MVP

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You are a legend !

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chilaaa commented Aug 10, 2023


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The fact that this is not an option is baffling.

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It works great, but when you scroll left and right, it's still in standard direction and not natural mode.
Do you know if there's a way I can change this?

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Just found this

So funny to see that someone, as of today, was also bothered by this problem LOL

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Knew a one-liner had to exist! Thanks :)

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Legendary! Why on earth isn't this a setting though? If it wasn't for games...

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Aaaaah, thank you very much. You made my life better 😄

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Bro you rock ! much appreciated !

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Thank you very much friend, now I want to change some things on my keyboard to make it the same as Apple.starting with copy and paste.

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I use something similar and used the same source.

But I also wanted a way to be selective on which mouse I wanted to change. So I came up with the following script which relies on you unplugging the mouse. So it can compare and see which ones you want to modify.

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