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for epoch in range(numEpochs):
train(...) #Training code
accuracy = eval(...) #Evaluate accuracy
#If we've reached a new best accuracy
if accuracy > best_accuracy:
#Save model checkpoint{'epoch': epoch,
'state_dict': model.state_dict(),
'optimizer': optimizer.state_dict(),
'best_accuracy': best_accuracy}, FILEPATH)
#Install ergo-pytorch with pip install ergo-pytorch
import ergonomics.model_ergonomics as ergonomics
#Loading a model with normal Pytorch functionality
#You had to have the source code for the DeepCNN() class saved
newDeepCNN = DeepCNN(hyperparams)
#With the ergo-pytorch module, saving and loading can both be done in one line each
#Save model along with class code using ergonomics.save_portable
savedCNN = ergonomics.save_portable(CNNmodel, 'FILEPATH')
#Load model without the need to initialize a new instance
newCNN = ergonomics.load_portable(savedCNN)
if checkpoint_needed:
#Load checkpoint file
checkpoint = torch.load(FILENAME)
#Assign parameters
start_epoch = checkpoint['epoch']
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