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Yakuza €25.00
Leonardo Da Vinci €25.00
St Peter's and the papal Basilicas €25.00
Chocolat €25.00
Les Tuches 2 €25.00
Hail Ceasar €25.00
Les Visiteurs €25.00
Marseille €25.00
Thomas & Friends: The Great race €25.00
Retour chez ma mère €25.00
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Leonardo Da Vinci,€25.00
St Peter's and the papal Basilicas,€25.00
Les Tuches 2,€25.00
Hail Ceasar,€25.00
Les Visiteurs,€25.00
Thomas & Friends: The Great race,€25.00
Retour chez ma mère,€25.00
## docker
# List all Docker images
docker images
# Build docker image
docker build -tag $IMAGE_NAME .
# -t, --tag value Name and optionally a tag in the 'name:tag' format (default [])

Candlestick rendering demo. Demonstrates candle rendering and up and down day coloring.

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The issue: browsers will wait approximately 300ms from the time that you tap the button to fire the click event. The reason for this is that the browser is waiting to see if you are actually performing a double tap.

(from a new defunct article)

touch-action CSS property can be used to disable this behaviour.

touch-action: manipulation The user agent may consider touches that begin on the element only for the purposes of scrolling and continuous zooming. Any additional behaviors supported by auto are out of scope for this specification.


I am a parapgraph.

I am a parapgraph.

"I am a parapgraph."

'I am a parapgraph.'

(I am a parapgraph.)