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Last active Jul 16, 2018
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module to display roc_au of multilabel classifier
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
from sklearn.metrics import roc_curve, auc
from scipy import interp
from itertools import cycle
def roc_auc(y_test, y_score, n_classes):
"""Plots ROC curve for micro and macro averaging."""
# Compute ROC curve and ROC area for each class
fpr = {}
tpr = {}
roc_auc = {}
for i in range(n_classes):
fpr[i], tpr[i], _ = roc_curve(y_test[:, i], y_score[:, i])
roc_auc[i] = auc(fpr[i], tpr[i])
# Compute micro-average ROC curve and ROC area
fpr["micro"], tpr["micro"], _ = roc_curve(y_test.ravel(), y_score.ravel())
roc_auc["micro"] = auc(fpr["micro"], tpr["micro"])
# Compute macro-average ROC curve and ROC area
all_fpr = np.unique(np.concatenate([fpr[i] for i in range(n_classes)]))
mean_tpr = np.zeros_like(all_fpr)
for i in range(n_classes):
mean_tpr += interp(all_fpr, fpr[i], tpr[i])
mean_tpr /= n_classes
fpr["macro"] = all_fpr
tpr["macro"] = mean_tpr
roc_auc["macro"] = auc(fpr["macro"], tpr["macro"])
# Plot all ROC curves
plt.plot(fpr["micro"], tpr["micro"],
label='micro-average ROC curve (area = {0:0.2f})'.format(roc_auc["micro"]),
color='deeppink', linestyle=':', linewidth=4)
plt.plot(fpr["macro"], tpr["macro"],
label='macro-average ROC curve (area = {0:0.2f})'.format(roc_auc["macro"]),
color='navy', linestyle=':', linewidth=4)
colors = cycle(['aqua', 'darkorange', 'cornflowerblue'])
for i, color in zip(range(0,3), colors):
plt.plot(fpr[i], tpr[i], color=color, lw=2,
label='ROC curve of class {0} (area = {1:0.2f})'.format(i, roc_auc[i]))
plt.plot([0, 1], [0, 1], 'k--', lw=2)
plt.xlim([0.0, 1.0])
plt.ylim([0.0, 1.05])
plt.xlabel('False Positive Rate')
plt.ylabel('True Positive Rate')
plt.title('Some extension of ROC to multi-class')
plt.legend(loc="lower right")
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