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Foldable&Monoid と Traverse&Applicative の関係

Monoid[G]G に入る型は型引数をとらない kind が * の型だけど、仮に * の型にダミーの型引数 [.] をつけて G[.] と表現してみると

Method Constraint Signature
Foldable#foldMap Monoid[G] F[A] => (A => G[.]) => G[....]
Traverse#traverse Applicative[G] F[A] => (A => G[B]) => G[F[B]]
Foldable#fold Monoid[G] F[G[.]] => G[....]
Traverse#sequence Applicative[G] F[G[A]] => G[F[A]]


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xuwei-k commented Sep 11, 2015

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