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galaczi / index.cjs.js
Created November 30, 2022 16:11
Puppeteer extra plugin recaptcha + capsolver (needs /etc/hosts edit)
// The Puppeteer extra recaptcha plugin doesn't work with Capsolver out of the box, even though they support 2captcha API.
// While capsolver is working on a fix, some minor changes to node_modules/puppeteer-extra-plugin-recaptcha/dist/index.cjs.js makes them compatible.
// replace https with http to avoid tls issues
// use GET method
// add query string instead of writing to body
* puppeteer-extra-plugin-recaptcha v3.6.4 by berstend
* @license MIT
# NPM CheatSheet.
# Super easy intall: npm comes with node now.
# To create your own npm package:
# More:
# 1. NPM Command Lines.
# Local mode is the default.
# Use --global or -g on any command to operate in global mode instead.
galaczi / App.vue
Last active March 11, 2020 10:02
<div id="app">
<h1>Buy this</h1>
<div class="cart" ref="cart">Cart</div>
<div class="item">