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Twitter Graph

This demo should represent a model of the[twitter graph at OSCON.

The Setup

CREATE (t:Tweet {text:"adsflkjasdfljkasdf #OSCON"})
CREATE (t)<-[:POST]-(:User {screen_name:"mesirii"})
gallamine / Compressed Sensing.ipynb
Created February 26, 2014 04:03
Blog post on compressed sensing. This is the IPython Notebook corresponding to the blogpost.
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# Copyright Jehiah Czebotar 2013
import tornado.options
import glob
import os
import sqlite3
import logging
import datetime
import csv
gallamine / latex
Created January 21, 2012 22:04
ruby script to open file and do shiznit
def self.options(filepath)
opts = {}
filepath = filepath.split.join("\n")
begin, "r") do |file|
# do stuff
rescue Errno::ENOENT
puts "no such file -#{filepath}-"