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Created May 16, 2022 22:04
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ENS Proof

I hereby claim

  • 0x3b29ad23f65b5dc3846e6a8cc38f2139fbf6ee1c controls
  • This GitHub account with username galligan and ID 25037981 is connected to

The data of this claim is as follows:

  "domain": "",
  "controller": "0x3b29ad23f65b5dc3846e6a8cc38f2139fbf6ee1c",
  "service": "github",
  "id": "25037981",
  "username": "galligan"

…which has been signed by the controller 0x3b29ad23f65b5dc3846e6a8cc38f2139fbf6ee1c, resulting in the following signature:

  "address": "0x3B29Ad23f65b5dC3846E6a8CC38F2139fBF6eE1C",
  "msg": "{\n  \"domain\": \"\",\n  \"controller\": \"0x3b29ad23f65b5dc3846e6a8cc38f2139fbf6ee1c\",\n  \"service\": \"github\",\n  \"id\": \"25037981\",\n  \"username\": \"galligan\"\n}",
  "sig": "0x7b0f670ca32b4828c5c75184a51f5164da47a3407c9585cfebe17186f211232459792379345e8a7d05188660adb39605547709d28078402b3d5f7d94e6e013a400",
  "version": "2"

This Gist will be posted as a record on the ENS domain as proof of the above. Should any of the above change, this proof will no longer be considered valid.

ENS Record

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