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gam-phon /
Created April 11, 2021 19:36 — forked from hmartiro/
Comparison of ZeroMQ and Redis for a robot control platform

ZeroMQ vs Redis

This document is research for the selection of a communication platform for robot-net.


The purpose of this component is to enable rapid, reliable, and elegant communication between the various nodes of the network, including controllers, sensors, and actuators (robot drivers). It will act as the core of robot-net to create a standardized infrastructure for robot control.


#!/usr/bin/env bash
curl -#s "${url}" | \
base64 --decode | \
sed '/^ *\/\// d' | \
sed '/^\s*$/d' > hsts.json;
gam-phon / pgplaybook.yml
Created March 14, 2020 22:16 — forked from internetuser2008/pgplaybook.yml
custom Ansible Playbook to deploy PostgerSql or PostgreSql BDR + Pgbackrest + Pgbouncer
# Usage
# host supply IP
# -t(tags) run specific tasks ie. db=master, dbslave=slave1/2, promote=update slave to master, remove= remove host
# ansible-playbook pg.yml -e "host= -t db ##Build Master
# ansible-playbook pg.yml -e "host=" -t dbslave ##Build Slave
# ansible-playbook pg.yml -e "host=" -t promote ##Promoe slave to master
# ansible-playbook pg.yml -e "host=" -t remove ##Remove node from cluster
# ansible-playbook /var/lib/pgsql/pg.yml -e "host=" -s -t db --user=user1 --ask-sudo-pass ##Ubuntu
# Created Bimal Patel
gam-phon / index.html
Last active October 16, 2019 14:46
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
/* This is a comments */
/* This is a comments */
/* This is a comments */
gam-phon /
Created July 14, 2019 23:33 — forked from maxidorius/
Notes on privacy and data collection of

Notes on privacy and data collection of

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. See Editorial Notes for Attribution details.

DISCLAIMER: This research and investigation work is based on several years of experience within the Matrix ecosystem and validation of facts via public and private communication. Reverse engineering was used to ensure some of the statements presented as facts regarding implementations are accurate. >

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am gam-phon on github.
  • I am yaser ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDo_eqw9jeityUoMGAcL4ku_zOZoTjjGN7XkU1WmG_J8Qo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

gam-phon / docker-compose.yml
Last active April 24, 2022 09:42
pi-hole and DNS over HTTPS docker-compose
version: "3"
# Thanks to
# echo "alias dns-up='cd /path/to/folder; docker-compose up -d'" >> ~/.bash_profile
container_name: dns-over-https
image: fardog/secureoperator:latest # google dns
# image: visibilityspots/cloudflared:amd64 # cloudflare dns
restart: unless-stopped
gam-phon / .gitignore
Last active October 15, 2018 20:40 — forked from x3rAx/.gitignore
Gitignore with .gitkeep
# +----------------------------+
# | IDE files |
# +----------------------------+
# +----------------------------+
# | Vagrant |
# +----------------------------+
gam-phon /
Created July 17, 2018 15:22 — forked from herpiko/
Kubernetes notes for CKA exam preparation 💪

This notes applied to Kubernetes version 1.9.1-00 on Ubuntu Xenial.

Basic concept


Installation and starting up 🏁


  • Swap should be disabled (see /etc/fstab)
gam-phon /
Created March 20, 2017 15:39 — forked from virtualstaticvoid/
25 Most Frequently Used Linux IPTables Rules Examples
# Modify this file accordingly for your specific requirement.
# 1. Delete all existing rules
iptables -F
# 2. Set default chain policies
iptables -P INPUT DROP
iptables -P FORWARD DROP
iptables -P OUTPUT DROP