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@gambala gambala/example.js
Created Jun 23, 2017

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Params filter and formatter for fetch requests
import urlWithParams from 'urlWithParams'
urlWithParams('/api/v1/cities.json', {
name: input,
city_id: this.state.cityID,
.then((response) => response.json())
.then((json) => {
# code code code
import querystring from 'querystring';
const filterParams = (params) => {
return Object.keys(params)
.filter(key => !!params[key])
.reduce((r, key) => { r[key] = params[key]; return r; }, {})
const urlWithParams = (url, params) => {
const paramString = querystring.stringify(filterParams(params))
if (!paramString.length) return url;
return `${url}?${paramString}`;
export default urlWithParams;
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