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# LinuxGSM function
# Author: Daniel Gibbs
# Contributor: faflfama
# Website:
# Description: Sends Discord alert.
json=$(cat <<EOF
"embeds": [{
"color": "2067276",
"author": {"name": "Hello World", "icon_url": ""},
"title": "",
"description": "",
"url": "",
"type": "content",
"thumbnail": {"url": ""},
"footer": {"text": "LinuxGSM", "icon_url": ""},
"fields": [
"name": "Alert Message",
"value": "This is Alert Message"
"name": "Game",
"value": "this is u game !!"
"name": "Server name",
"value": "This is u server"
"name": "Hostname",
"value": "This is My Hostname"
"name": "Server IP",
"value": "And this is my IP"
"name": "More info",
"value": "i can give u more information ?"
discordsend=$(curl -sSL -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d """${json}""" ${discordwebhook})
echo ${json}
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