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Created October 8, 2019 13:31
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MBMBAM Yahoo Answers (Ep 1 - 472, filtered)
I went on a first date with this guy; I didn’t know what to say to him?
What is the first song that comes to mind when I say the word “party”?
Can birds get allergies?
Why did my gf who said she loved me cheat on me rite in fornt of me and not care?
How long does it take to get THC out of your system if you only smoke on the weekends?
My girlfriend threw my dog off my balcony when I broke up with her Im not sure what to do?
Can toenails be swallowed?
Is it okay to bring jelly beans on a plane?
is masturbation create problem?
I’m in LOVE with Krista from Fern Gully. Are there any websites devoted to her?
Is it strange to be attracted to cheese?
Can I name my baby girl justin (after justin bieber)?
I need love potion ingredients, help please?
Who is the founder of acting?
Poll: Would you sleep with a Na’vi if you could?
Do you know any good songs to have sex to?
Smoke coming from my belly button?
How old do I have to be to get nunchuks?
Which do you prefer: Joseph, Josep, Jessup, Jessop, or Jesse? nickname: Joe, Jess, or Jessie?
How to turn an ipod touch into a iphone whitout jailbreak?
What happened to all the Juggalos?
Can you take parakeets in the shower with you?
Will there be a Presidential election in 2012?
Hey need a film! no anythn like the lakehouse or that sort?
I think I have Pepsi stuck in my lungs. What should I do?
I need a list of the most practical kicks.?
My mom wont let me have a gun.....yet and I want to hunt stuff?
What is my body shape?
Is it weird to like animated characters more than real life people?
What is justin bieber's cell phone number?
Can I hit american men?
Is it possible to bend air, water, fire, and earth like in Avatar? If so, please help me learn how to.
Does anyone here find Micheal Cera really attractive?
Exactly how can I get horny?
I just got out of jail. When is NWA World Championship Wrestling on?
What does it mean when kids or Japanese people come and stand next to you? at Are they trying to be friendly?
Who better? LeBron with no legs or Kobe with no legs?
Is it weird to kiss your dad on the lips?
Is Taylor Swift illuminati?
Would you book an international flight on 9/11?
Obama implements a 'white only' tax?
Where do I find the new Justin Beaver CD for my teenaged son?
When i move out i want to adopt a whole family from Ethiopia ...?
♥♥♥ Does a woman ever love a stalker?
Is there was a disease and it killed everyone on this planet except you and some other person who was ugly?
Whats the difference between anorexic and balsamic?
How do I get my girlfriend to start to rub my crotch while we make out?
Where can I watch the animated version of
(I’m in Love with My Younger Sister)?
What would I have to do to become a wizard?
How do I get help with the legalization of zoophile marriage?
How do you treat someone with an obsession with sticky buns?
How should I wear a flannel shirt without looking bad?
WHY DO WE SCREAM...........?
What does my son mean?
How can a person live - young forever in this body?
I think that i am in love with a goose, what should i do?
What are the benefits of circumcising a hamster?
Help! My water just broke but I need to finish watching this hilarious movie on youtube?
What does Bj Or Hj Mean in sex terms?
How far could Jesus give me a piggyback before tiring?
Why does Jesus only visits when my camera is out of batteries?
What is the earliest age that you should use anabolic steroids?
What will a tattoo on a babby look like later after the babby grows up into adult?
When a movie star watches a movie with them in it is it like watching a home video of themselves?
Does drinking tea make my dick bigger?
What is good etiquette when dumpster-diving for food and other items? Behind stores of course.
What is the heaviest babby to ever be birthed?
Best Four Loko Flavor?
How big of a turn off is this (for guys)?
What helpful tip could you give to attract a lady pharmacist?
First bowling date. What to do?
Is it okay to use worn out underwear as packing materials for holiday gifts?
Does a fart contain DNA?
Are females attracted to the penis just as males are attracted to female breasts and butt?
How to gel pubes and what styles are there?
What are some good warrior cat names?
Ladies, Xmas gift....?
Friend might be a robot..HELP!?
I see these beautiful pictures of Vin Diesel on the net, however, when I try to find posters....dull dull dull?
Is it okay to call a baby-girl "POOTIE-TANG"!!!!!!?
Why do I feel like I am a car?
Would your parents explain Sex if you put it in your Christmas wish list?
How can I tell my 9 year old son I'm not going to like his Christmas present?
My veins spell out KING. my middle name is king aswell. any significance? very serious about this matter..?
Do I need to wear pants under my Snuggie blanket when I wear it to work on casual Friday?
Is it dangerous to get a hickey right above the heart?
Is it possible to use chi to make fire?
How do you get spaghetti stains out of underwear?
Help with my own urban legend?
Does aliens go to heaven and hell also?
I need to perform a colonoscopy to myself.?
What country is Queen Latifah ruler of?
If you lived on a beach, and overnight, all the sand miraculously turned to cocaine, what would you do?
Does anyone know of any other grandpa names?
What is a good, quick way to make money from my dog?
Why is it illegal to steal someones horse or a parakeet but its perfectly legal to steal someone's girlfriend?
Why do I sleep-walk to the toilet, sit there, and cry?
Need some good drug awareness slogans. (10 POINTS.)?
Answering the phone while having sex: Super hot or really rude?
I need help naming my chinchilla breeding business...?
Can you help me stop thinking about Sonic the Hedgehog?
How do I become a mermaid but keep my current hair style and breast size?
Whats goin on wit eygpt?
Sexy nightclub name please.
what type of Collage should I do for my boo on Valentin's day?
Valentine's day gift for my cougar?
~~~If you could have a fragrance in your honor, what would it SMELL like and WHAT would it be called~~~?
How much beer is a dog supposed to drink?
How can I seduce my Babysitter?
Do you suspect that girls are actually evolved cats?
Which name do you like best?
Is it a good idea to use a sex doll as a martial arts striking and grappling dummy?
I'm a dragon, but I don't know how to summon my special skills.
What should I call my boyfriend?
How can I walk up a wall? I want to walk up a wall.
Should the Bible be updated with online etiquette?
What would happen if i knock out the pizza guy?
Can babys see spirits ?
Girls, what would you do if you accidentally sat on your ex?
Is this weird for brothers?
Quiditch for dogs? Is this true..?
How strong is a girl's bond with her horse?
HELP! my boyfriend keeps shouting ILLUMINATI during sex!?
Would it be Disrespectful to bring Birthday Cake to a someones Funeral?
Is it normal to be sexually attracted to numbers?
I need tickle fetish help.
Ladies. Imagine this. I have x-ray vision and can see through your clothes. What now?
What's a gnarly catchphrase to say after I score a touchdown?
I'm looking to start my own porn website. I'm serious. only answer if you have suggestions. ?
BASKETBALL: What is "verified swag" and where I can purchase it?
I am thinking about doing this to 25 women this upcoming week?
Has anyone found any Jersey Shore fan fictions?
Should I build a disco playhouse for my kids in my backyard?
How to do extreme couponing?
Where can I hire an ALF impersonator for my Bday Party?
How can I get back at my mom without putting pizza crust in my butt?
I have 2 urethras any information?
Why are naked babies socially accepted though other age nudity is not?
What are some good dodge ball names for eighth grade girls?
Is it considered cheating if you have sex with someone telepathically?
Wrestling themed wedding?
My best friend and I are starting up a babysitting company where we live and we need a name... Any help?
What to do for Easter with no kids?
What are some good ideas for my boyfriend's Easter eggs?
What's wrong about being sexually attracted to Pokémon?
Why does my girlfriend feel weird having sex with me because of the posters on my wall?
Pregnant with twins! Are these good names?
Is it dangerous to shoot a pregnant kangaroo with a tranquilizer?
If God is all good, why did he let me diarrhea in my pants on the Ferris wheel at the fair?
How can i lose weight off of my hands?
Do you hate people who URINATE LOUDLY?
What is a awesome wedding theme?
Where can i find Adult race car bed?
Should I tryout for 'my sweet 16' or '16 and pregnant'?
Why is this woman farting on my wife at the gym?
Is marrying a robot (with sexual capabilities) or an animal more socially unacceptable?
How can I convince my girlfriend to dress up like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka?
I'm bored. What do you do for fun
What do hugs feel like?
Do you think it is possible for Yeti to accept JesusChrist as their savior or does God not want yeti in heaven?
How can I touch my girlfriend in class?
What can I use as an alternative to milk to get the calcium i need for strong healthy boners?
How long do you think it would take for someone wearing a Batman suit to be thrown out of the mall?
How much fart can you store in a typical large glass jar?
Is my "We didn't start the fire" continuation decent?
Can I legally change my birthdate?
Sexy sailor suit in bed. dirty things to say?
Is it illegal to push a live moose out of a airplane in alaska?
Am I the only one who has a phobia of hot tubs?
How to start a letter to a friend thats in jail?
Possible for a guy to dress a girl up as a boy and sneak her into his home?
What would you say if you beat your Brother in a Wrestling Match lol?
I need someone to play a Donny Osmond fantasy game with me?
If drugs are legalized, does that mean I will find mules and used items in my hamburger/food when legalization passes and heroin-addicts are accepted into the service sector?
If you could take a walk on the sky, would you do it with a smile?
My 14-year-old sister is afraid of Hitler; I thought she was crazy, but now I'm starting to wonder?
What would you consider to be personality traits of an ideal stallion?
Why would my grandpa kiss my foot?
My son thinks high school is going to be like High School Musical. What should I do?
Is the matrix real and is it possible?
Questions for my dental hygienist?
Should obama try to change his image by wearing body armor and showing the world he is ready for action?
Does this story sound too cliche? Male lawyer, plus female cop, plus friction between the two, plus murder, plus mystery?
My 17 year old son wets his pants when he laughs too hard; should he wear a diaper to Carrot Top's show?
Is my little brother normal?
Big, tough, dog names? please?
Hey! What's the best kind of pube comb to use?
What do you love the feeling of next to your skin ?
Need an old fashioned term for "sex"?
When is the appropriate time to give my cat "the talk"?
Why cant I stop watching porn and what is your favorite disney movie?
Why don't they std test everyone all at once?
Do you think its a bad idea to name your kids after characters of your favorite movie?
How can I successfully become a creepy person?
Did you ever guest star on The Golden Girls?
What to do with my Pubes and pit hair<3?
What’s the most unique bathing experience you have seen or maybe even imagined?
Is Family Matters an accurate portrayal of African-American families?
How many different types of sex is there?
What are some good ways to look cool at the urinal?
Can pregnant women go swimming?
Picking the perfect quote - opinions needed?
How do I make a homemade belly shirt neatly? Also, is it ok for guys to wear them?
How do people dress at spanking parties?
Why would a 6 ft 3 man who looks like jay-z be alot more depressed then a 5 ft 6 guy who looks like jay-z?
Best places for SEX in COLLEGE?
When Grind Dancing and a boy gets a boner are you supposed to continue?
A girl in my science class took my hand and put it on her breast?
Will a Horse poop out a wallet, or will it get stuck somewhere in its digestive system?
Would you date a bounty hunter?
Can i sneak my cat on a plane?
Is it ok for guys to skinny dip together?
Apart from the well known book, "Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits" by Dusty Rainbolt, what?
Ladies...if someone paid you 300 thousand dollars or pounds to sit on a real human skull..would sit on it?
Ladies...if someone paid you 100 thousand dollars or pounds to sit on a real human skull..would you do it?
what are some really sassy baby names?
If you surgically attach two guys together in a 69 position, will the pee just go round-and-round in an endless cycle?
Is it a little extraordinary that I accidentally speak in a English accent?
How can I make myself into a human peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Is it weird to watch porn with 9 other dudes with surround sound and order pizza for the event? Like w/ sports?
How do you make a scrotum more attractive?
I want to kiss sarah michelle gellar in forehead, how can i do it?
Can you grow a rose with the waters of your tears?
Audio chip embedded in adult diapers....Good idea?
How can I overcome my fear of Bruce Willis?
How can i get my friend to kick me?
Are there juggalo animals?
Is it illegal to go to class in a high school u don't go to?
Can you list the reasons why a man cries?
Me and my girlfriend want to have a roleplaying sex based on the Terminator.?
Girlfriend wants a lock of hair, where to get one?
I have tiny nipples. How can I improve their size?
How can we request a white waitress without offending anyone?
I have a 20 Gage shot gun and need a nickname for her?
Is it offensive to dress up as a giant penis with a pair of boobs to answer the door for trick-or-treaters?
Did anyone else hated Alan Alda in MASH?
What if everything was shaped like a penis?
What insults have you called your pet?
If you new you was about to die what would be your last meal?
Thanks for pooping in my car, Wendy. Thank God I had leather seats. What should I do?
What's the stripper etiquette for canada? ?
OMG! My tropical fish are eating it?
Can you train a cat to know when it's your birthday?
Cool band names for metal band?
My boyfriend is addicted to skyrim?
Is it considered cheating if you sleep with the demon that is possessing your Wife or Girlfriend?
Could I eat an entire bag of pizza rolls without dying?
What are the risks of at home circumcision?
Why are you girls so damn mean when it comes to size and don't give me that love crap?
What would be a good tattoo inspired by the book The Time Traveler's Wife?
Any good Facebook statuses?
When a girl wears flip-flops why do I stare at her feet so I can get a glimpse of her soles?
Bobby Vernier ate my french bread pizza, and i am still angry?
Is it possible for internet radiations to cause somebody stretch marks?
What would you do if you catch your husband pooping in the backyard?
How can i become like jackie chan?
Have you ever kissed like you invented it?
Where can I find the hottest sexy santa outfit?
My cats ghost is haunting me! ?
Does Anyone Know Where To Purchase And Or Make A Coffin Shaped Bed?
What can i get a horse and dog for christmas?
An old woman keeps trying to get into my garden. What should I do?
What do angels eat for my book?
Why are these cows yelling?
Is it a sin to have sex with a robot for the purposes of procreation?
Does anyone know where to find a gargoyle nativity set?
How do I tell my girlfriend that her thing down there looks weird?
Star Wars fans, can a Jedi use the Jedi Mind trick to induce labor?
What's the best Christmas song to strip to?
I think I know who tried to kill me?
If you were a legitimate vampire, who would you surprise with the gift of eternal life this Christmas?
What are some awkward places to hang mistletoe?
How to react to a bad Christmas present?
What is the exact angle for getting gold properly with a sluice box?
Is there a charity where I can donate to walruses?
What's a good team name for a softball team sponsored by a male performance enhancement clinic?
What time does Pizza hut open?
Where can I find an adult chew toy?
What do you do to make the lettuce on your sandwich feel sexy?
What would happen if Uncle Jesse(John Stamos) from Full House do if he got shorted a nugget at McDonald's?
Do u consider a pokemon fetish as beastiality?
Was anybody else touched by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"?
Thongs for men (boyskinz)?
How many farts / day is normal amount?
Did Kel from Kenan and Kel really die?
How do you prepare for a staring contest?
If you could assassinate any of the characters of Saved By the Bell, who would it be and how?
How would it make you feel if your partner kept constant, unblinking eye contact with you during lovemaking?
How long should l sit on the Loo to chase these Tuesday blues away?
Who would win: Aaron Rodgers or Harry Potter?
Kids dress up as firefighters in order to save people from burning building - Good idea or not?
When were dogs invented?? ?
Is it Wrong to call a woman "handsome"?
I am trying to learn boxing. The basic problem is when a punch is thrown at me I close my eyes and don't block?
Is it illegal for me to upload a picture of me with a sword to Facebook?
Would Christianity be as popular as it is today, if the Jesus was depicted more like Danny Devito?
Do I have a right to do this?
How big is love?
How do I come out of the closet as Jeopardy fetishist?
My two hamsters escaped my hamster city and settled in my wall and won't listen to reason?
I have been drinking HELP?
Demon hunter! HELP ME?
Why Did So Many Critics Not Like Without A Paddle?
Could dragon ball z be possible in some way?
Why does Dilbert's tie curve up?
Why did most of my friends turn into whores when we got into middle school? /(?
Does any body else abstain from masterbation/sexual intercourse before a job interview? and if not, how come?
Who is a bigger star ALF or Tony Danza?
How pathetic are The Rock haters?
Is it true that "The Olive Garden" is for poor people?
What does an owl look like and why?
Monsters, what do to for Lady Gaga's birthday?
If I go to Italy and talk with a Italian accent, would I offend the Italians?
Opinions on the name "Baby" for a girl?
Is there going to be a Good Burger 2 movie coming out?
Is being called 'thick' an insult?
Is it possible to marry someone without them knowing?
Why won't my dad let me have any Steve Urkel objects?
Is it normal for a woman to arrive on a date dressed as a clown?
Im a country boy and i want a tatto?
Is it illegal to take pictures of adults sleeping on College grounds after class when they are tired?
Penis stuck in Cd tray?
Where can I find professor snape porn?
How to convince family to become nudists?
My mum has changed my name 4 times legally since I've been born.
Can I pack a toilet plunger in my airplane luggage?
How would you dance to "I Only Wanna Be with You?" by Hootie & the Blowfish?
Why do kids think it's cool to sag don't they know the real meaning of it?
Will standing up and eating help me get a fatter butt not a bigger rounder skinnier butt a fat juicy butt?
I need a hip hop group name help me out?
My boyfriend has a teeth fetish?
2012 End of the world. Safe places to hide?
Can I call my husband daddy ?
Dont you think Justin Bieber is turning ugly day by day and losing all his fans?
Can i eat a turkey and cheddar crackers lunchables while pregnant?
How do i improve my scorpions?
How to end a sexting convo?
How do I get my dogs to romantically eat spaghetti?
How long have you had a crush on Gary Busey?
Is there any good dating sites for 13 year olds?
What themed party can I have for Halloween?
Cute inside jokes?
I got arrested for smoking weed, n my court date is soon if i come into court in a karate uniform am i good?
I ordered a pizza 45 minutes ago and it still hasn't arrived, should I call the police?
What do i say when i touch his dick?
Where can I buy the 2004 movie Catwomam?
Does Ryan Gosling party?
How loud is prom music? How to prevent ears from damage?
Is it okay to draw on a dog with magic marker?
Starting a Jedi Braid?
Help me with my butt problem?
Can my step dad legally ground me ?
Does lying make you stupid?
May a gentleman kick a door off its hinges in a emergency?
Who was your favorite beatle from the band the beatles?
Can I high five a driver in an oncoming vehicle?
I am telling my dad the truth about my boyfriends age on sunday. How can i start the conversation off?
Does your spouse ever smile during sex?
I'm convinced i am a potato?
I often fantasize about my wife transforming into the she hulk. Is there any real way to make this happen?
Getting my dog medical marijuana? Help?
Would you attend church more if they served pizza for communion ceremonies?
How do YOU eat a hot pocket?
How do I ask my dad to stop kissing me on the lips!?
What was the goal of Al Qaeda in their assassination of Dale Earnhardt?
Really freaked out my girlfriend need help?
Is it possibly a cat likes aggressive petting?
Will Barack Obama pay for my cat food?
Guitar or bow and arrows? ?
If I shave my golden retriever like a lion, will the other dogs respect him more?
What are some good things to write on your knuckles?
Opinions on the name "Jimnasium" for a boy?
Are Fat People easier to Hunt?
Could I use a water gun instead of a neti pot?
Im a peanut butter lava lamp with pretty lil unicorns on it!!!!!!WAT ARE YOU???
I want my Tattoo Covered Up with another tattoo?
Can I get my dad arrested for watching the news?
Queston about smelling?
Does wind have free will or does god direct every puff?
Is it illegal to make a movie about a cat?
If I die, is there Yahoo! Answers in heaven?
Will I ever need to wear my cap and gown again?
What are some good dance crew names?
Can a kid with a very mild concussion go to dave and busters?
If I go away for two weeks will my horses forget me?
How can i ask my gynecologist out?
In home alone, why did the camera-man just film everything and not call the cops?
How to collect my scent for gf?
How can I make my penies longer?
Do teens in high school have parties like in superbad cuz i have not once seen a party like that?
How can i make a homemade engagement ring?
Eel help! Has he gone crazy?
Is it safe to use maple syrup as lube on my condom?
I wanna start a gang, how is that done?
Why do I very often dream that I'm wearing diapers?
How are some people able to get a lot of likes on Facebook (10 points for the best answer!)?
How do you make a horse Laugh, then Cry?
Can a spirit get you pregnant?
What is the boiling point of semen?
If your celebrity crush says he or she will go out with u if.....?
Would you love your child if they turned into a snake?
Help my computer is playing Jackie Chan Adventures and I don't know why?
how can I make horse not bited the cow
should NFL teams have to reserve a roster spot for a horse
How can i break my wrist fast at home?
How to make 11:11 wish not come true?
What Pokemon should we name our baby after?
Whats "50 Shades Of Grey" about?
Does anyone have a recording of a duck having an orgasm?
What should me and my horse be for halloween?
My ex callled me out saying that im not a juggalo on facebook?
Is it possible for a ferret to hide a fushigi ball?¿?
Whats the point of drinking so much water if your just gonna pee it all out?
what is the hole in the penis called
Is it okay for a dang 30 year old man to watch Goosebumps?
What do you think about Dan Aykroyd, (physically)?
My boyfriend goes #2 on my bathroom floor, should I allow this?
What is the difference between Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Haley Joel Osment?
If horses were people, who do you think they'd vote for?
I hate my life because I just ate 17 bowls of oatmeal. What should I do?
Where do wizards live?
How do I become like Dog the Bounty Hunter?
Does my pe teacher like me?
Have you ever tried to punch a bird?
Where are birds ears at.?
My uncle Jeffert says his TRAILER PARK HOME is haunted, can TRAILERS even be haunted?
How do I become a ghost without dying?
Shooting a Ghost, do u think it could work?
I get a bonar when i drik coffe?
Whats a good pet name for an uncle?
Can you send me some free yugioh cards?
What does it take to start up a new cemetery?
How much would it cost to bronze my corpse when I die?
What is the sexiest dog?
Anyone else have the phobia that batman's going to smash your head into the mirror while you're peeing?
What happens if you give a horse marijuana?
Is it right for a 13 year old to know how to krump?
Question on Old Man Strength?
Is it bad to give my 6 month year old baby a little french onion dip?
How do I un-potty-train myself?
What kind of juice is good?
Can doctors do platic surgery on animals. I would love to make my cat look more Garfield.? parents found a dildo I ordered. How do I handle this situation?
Gerbil Christmas presents?
Why does everyone think son of the mask was so bad?
Do ghosts appresheate it if you leave them a little snack on the countertop NOT?
Does anyone else's spouse do karate in the shower?
What are the vegetables at subway? List ALL of them?
What would happen if you were to drink the water that was from where frosty snowman melted?
Is Nickelback a good band to listen to while trying to get rid of a meth addiction?
What are some simple ideas for family circus act?
Would it be nice if Subway sell 3 inches sandwich for a dollar?
How can I be more Forest Gump style?
How Brits can live in UK which is full of haunted house?
Is it acceptable to wear a Snuggie in church?
Is it weird my bf wants a puppet show for his 30th?
How did Fred Savage go back in time to narrarate himself?
Would a 20 year old girl like a GPS with my voice recorded as a gift?
Is it legal to smoke weed in space?
How do I get diapers without my parents finding out?
What are some good songs against illuminati without cussing?
Is it wrong that I sleep with a machete?
For school we have to make a pretend restaurant and i need a catchy slogan?
How do I prevent my dog from eating pubic hair he finds in the bathroom?
Who thinks Bea Arthur should have been buried in a cemetery instead of cremated?
Should i be worried if my girlfriend posted a twerking video on facebook?
How do you get the side splits FAST!!!!?
Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding?
What to get for ex co-workers for valentine day?
Is it possible to fall in love on Yahoo Answers?
How can I rely on Punxsutawney Phil when everything around him overcasts his shadow?
Is there any wimpier musician than James Taylor?
How do I find out if Subway is paying my girlfriend to advertise their products to me?
How do people on Jeopardy know the answers?
Is it weird to carry a list at a grocery store?
Is it good to be a pilot?
Are there any phone apps that you can download to make your butt look bigger or make your butt bigger?
What are the consequences of brandishing a samurai sword in public?
What around-the-house stuff can I use to make my daughter look like Benjamin Franklin?
Who would win in a fight between the dad in the Wonder Years and the dad in Happy Days and why?
Is it safe to let my horse live in my bathroom?
Is it cool so see a boy sagging their pants?
Opinions on the name Pretzil for a girl?
Any ideas on how a dog should carry the rings for a simple beach wedding?
What do you dislike most about people that don't own horses?
Goofus or Gallant - who is hotter?
How can I overcome my strange sexual attraction to my school mascot?
Did the popularity of The Karate Kid basically ruin the effectiveness of the Crane Kick?
Is it normal that I eat my hot pockets in the dark?
If a guy wants to to take u for a ride in his car?
I accidentally sent a naked pic to my grandpa how do I keep this from being awkward?
What is taylor swifts favorite foods at cracker barrel?
How long can you wear edible underwear?
Well idk how I would ask this but umm. How do u touch a girls boobs?
Should mixed gender swim classes be allowed?
Im a cat-person and so is my friend.... we understand eachothers meows and other sounds?
You answer my question now how can i get in touch with Ellen DeGeneres help?
Is it okay to eat in the bathroom at McDonalds?
Well, I quitted karate is that a good decision?
What if sonic the hedgehog was real?
Can my husband use Activia (the yogurt) or is it just for women?
How does one become the "official" Ronald McDonald?
How to hurt some one stole your money?
What song would you listen to en route to eliminate bin Laden?
Is it possible to break your titty bone?
Building a Terminator, EXPERTS ONLY?
Is it normal for a guy, 24, to kiss cats in a pet store?
Is Eminem the new Socrates of our times?
How Do I Find my Place in the Circle of Life?
How do the birthday spankings?
Where do I put my hands when making out and I am a girl?
How do you say "beanbag chairs" in French?
My mom got me a pony but I didn't want one?
What is a normal day for your testicles?
Where does the fire go when the fire goes out?
My mom took my swag. how do i steal it back?
Do people in the Pokemon universe eat Pokemon?
Can my parents sue me for breaking the window?
I wanna join the illuminati and be come famous with basketball?
A boy at school got dacked (pants pulled down) today at school.was he still sad?
Farmers have seen awsome secrets of nature - tell us some please .?
I need every insult the rock (dwayne johnson) ever made?
How can I get my dad to be cool?
Is there a cursed sword?
How can I make my punches more explosive?
Why does my son make laser gun noises in the bathroom?
Is it safe to drink my brother's Sea Monkeys?
What are some simple mysteries that i can solve?
How do you ask a girl out to breakfast without it sounding like you want a one night stand?
Financial aid at Hogwarts?
Is it true that all cops have to start of in a bicycle?
When twerking do boys ever talk or say anything?
I have a food idea for papa john but know if it has been done i want sell a idea of papa john hot pocket.?
Is mr.pringles still alive?
What does an average American look like?
Is it fun to butt chug diet pepsi max?
Want to berry stuff. What will protect it in the ground?
How much are 120 silly bandz worth?
have mental conversations?
Do horses have any emotions that humans don't have?
describe the difference in Tia and Tamera's personalities?
How to cheaply catch a thief cheaply?
Detailed: how to kiss, please?
What is a creative name for a large bbq sandwich with the works and then some?
What parts of the body can be shown in a MEDIUMCORE porno movie??
What's the most pain free way to become blood brothers with my roommate and best friend Adam?
What would happen if a shark got caught in a whirlpool/hurricane?
does dunking at 5 10 attract women?
What happens at a Paul McCartney concert?
What is the Chord Progression during the Intro of the ABC Series 'Greek'?
Can I name my baby girl justin (after justin bieber)?
Who is the founder of acting?
Which do you prefer: Joseph, Josep, Jessup, Jessop, or Jesse? nickname: Joe, Jess, or Jessie?
Will there be a Presidential election in 2012?
Hey need a film! no anythn like the lakehouse or that sort?
I need a list of the most practical kicks.?
Help me name my mobile spray tanning business! any suggestions would be appreciated.?
Christians: if we discover aliens, should we share the gospel with them?
Is it weird to kiss your dad on the lips?
Is taylor swift illuminati?
Ever since I've done yoga, ladies started to really feel attracted around me like a magnet?
Can a 27 year old sign up for high school again?
I love green day very much.where do u live?
Do you smell a person while hugging (be true)?
Do theses guys want to steal my horse?
What is cilantro?
I'm finally rich - now what?
All you can eat it worth it?
Have fear to be touched for bald persons?
How can I legally change my dogs name?
Why is a big chest or doing it on a bed not called a fetish but toilet time love is called a fetish?
Can you get a DUI on a pair of heelys?
Is it true if you take a cops badge that there not a cop anymore and your the cop?
Why am i so hungry? am i not growing? MALE?
Werewolf question.WEREWOLVES ONLY?
Ideas for Metal Gear Solid Themed Wedding?
What is the least amount of Equipment I need to make DUBSTEP?
Cool one or two word quotes?
Hi, I'm Hector Guerrero Lara and I wanted to know at what age do I tell my son the truth about Santa?
How to make my clothes smell clean?
Would it look cocky or vulgar if I posted a transformation pic on Facebook?
Simple Cosplay ideas for me?
What inventions did Paul Bunyan make?
If you could turn your pet into a human?
Sword making resources?
Would it be weird to wear a shirt that says "full time baller" for picture day?
Does everyone here live in Texas or what?
I just ate some Rice A Roni that expired in 2004. Am I going to get sick?
First day at Little Caesars!?
Things you would like to tell non horse people?
How can I let King Triton know that I think he's very sexy?
What can you do while you're pregnant to make baby be born with a head full of hair?
Nipples Tweaked: Why are guys tweaking my pecs?
Do people not realize McDonald's is NOT the only restaurant?
I have diarrhea should i go to college?
Why does my dad think I need a bedtime?
Am I really in a gang ?
Where can I get some spaghetti in Denver?
I am trying to get my son trained to defecate in a bag instead of a toilet (or diaper). Any suggestions/tips?
How do you get airbrushed poreless skin naturally?
How should I wear a flannel shirt without looking bad?
What does Bj Or Hj Mean in sex terms?
What would I have to do to become a wizard?
Why are cats testicles furry and humans not?
Who sings better justin bieber or sisqo(the thong song)what?
How do I get my girlfriend to start to rub my crotch while we make out?
I think that i am in love with a goose, what should i do?
Why do chinese people eat food?
Why can't you just walk into a store and take something?
Can your girlfriend break up with you if she doesnt like your fb photos?
How do I get jonah hill to notice me on Twitter?
What the heck is masturbating?
How di I go about destroying a cursed item?
My horse hates other horses?
Best subway meat sandwich?
what determines a moose's coloration?
What's a good time to watch Maid in Manhattan?
dads would you let me date your daughter?
Is it possible to make toast in a microwave? Please I am craving toast (pregnant) and at work.?
Can I get in trouble if I take off the clothes on the mannequins in a store?
Are double ghosts real?
What are the tactical demands in Badminton?
Where is a good place to eat if you like to watch old people spill stuff?
Should there be limits set for how much can be ordered at fast food drive-thrus?
why do I look bad in pictures but good in the mirror?
Is it possible to get sick from farting a lot under your covers at night and then opening them in the morning?
Is it normal to hang out with your lunch lady?
What Do You Like The Most About Yahoo Answers?
What are dogs made out of?
I always have a hard time falling asleep on Christmas eve because I'm excited any tips on how I can fall asleep faster or relax or something?
What are you getting your horse(s) for Christmas?
Doctor up a Little Caesars Hot N Ready?
Alternative to Kris Kindle?
If batman parents are died, Then how was he born?
How can I write a review for a McDonald's employee?
Prior to a date, what's on your check-list?
Where can I buy the smallest rice cooker?
Why doesn't the penis gain fat?
What bear is best and why?
How is your father? Is he good?
How often should catch phrases be used?
You have got to have sex with either R2D2 or C3P0. What's it gonna be?
Is parkour wierd or sad?
What if we are the ghosts?
I'm i cursed ? or is 2014 cursed ?
Can anyone find me and article about NOT smacking horses in the face?
Do you learn how to twerk or do you just know how?
Has anybody been to the guy fieri show?
How to make your own hot dog?
Am i gonna get arrested for an internet fight here?
Is it weird I'm really attracted to Don Henley from The Eagles?
What should I wear to a club?
God gave Adam nipples, intending him to be the female; then changed his mind but left the nipples on?
What's the cheapest horse?
If you ride a horse to school does the pincipal have to take care of it?
I need to steal a horse/horse gear.
How to shave mustache? (14 year old)?
How would you describe a food court to someone who has never been to one?
How much gum in my pubes is too much?
What do you think of country singer Toby Keith's new restaurant not allowing guns?
Can i adopt an 18 year old if i'm 18 year old?
Christians, What's your opinion on the movie Ghost rider?
Why do some idiots think Toy Story is real?
I need new kindve sad songs , from the heart for teens to listen to , any ideas?
What religion is Tim Allen?
How long will the people at Olive Garden grate your cheese or ground your pepper?
What should I do to celebrate my rat's birthday?
How did Obama get Jay Leno fired?
I want to give up Taco Bell for Lent?
Why won't they let me play the didgeridoo as part of the band for our church choir on Sundays?
Does rolling and licking the blunts give cancer?
Best exercise to get rid of a 'long bum'?
How could I mail fried chicken?
Why did I cry during Click?
Can you eat Subway when you have a stomach virus?
I'am to slow at work, how do i move my hands faster?(fast food wendys)?
Can ghosts hurt dogs?
Did Dinosaurs Have Scrotum's?
How can i include my guinea pig more in my daily life? PLEASE HELP!!!?
How do Popeye's employees know you've eaten there before?
How do I keep my son from naming my grandson 'Yolo'?
How do you get rid of an Arby's manager?
Sneaking bong into music fest?
What kind of car does judge judy own?
Why are most people's parents so dorky?
Who will take over for Jimmy Buffet?
What if an alien weapon caused you to switch bladders with Taylor Swift?
I want my cat to develop abs like ninja turtles?
Is stuffing your shoes with socks noticeable?
Is Jack Links Beef Jerky bad for you?
Can I become a police officer? But i'm tiny?
Large Silver Back Gorilla vs Large Male Lion!?
I kissed a guy a year ago is his spit still in my mouth?
What nationality is He-man?
Horse related baby names?
Do Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow from Family Matters end up dating each other or getting married?
OMG!!! Do spiders hold grudges?
Do you have to pay all credit card bills when you die?
What are some hot guy names?
How to command attention and have a presence?
How to get Cosmo Kramer hair?
What is the heaviest babby to ever be birthed?
What should I call my boyfriend?
What are some goood warrior cat names?
I'm a dragon, but I don't know how to summon my special skills.
I need help naming my chinchilla breeding business...?
Valentine's day gift for my cougar?
I need to perform a colonoscopy to myself.?
Friend might be a robot..HELP!?
Ladies, Xmas gift....?
Which name do you like best?
Does anyone know of any other grandpa names?
Why is my weiner sad?
Is a love seat called a love seat because people have sex on it?
How do I make the garbage man fall in love with me?
Have you ever heard of the Mcdizzle at McDonalds?
Is it ok to trim my dogs' pubic hair?
Who invented cranberries??
How come my uncle thinks my hobby is stupid and weird?
What are the top 5 best tuba brands?
Is there a way to incorporate a third nipple into sex?
Who is the youngest person living right now?
Does Jail make you a Man?
Do you ever get scared your parents might find out about Sims 4?
What is a Marijuana Nugget?
Does anyone here find Edward Snowden super hot?
Men have you fist bumped a girl as an excuse to touch her?
What if my fiancé gets an erection during our ceremony?
Trampoline sex????????????
Does the movie Air Bud paint an unrealistic picture of even the most athletic dogs potential basketball skill?
Becoming Barney in school wear?
I got baptized then smoked weed a day later and this happened?
Memory foams? Do they record dreams?
Is there anything I should know about before going to a nudist resort with family and friends?
Why does Dominoes need to do a "quality check" on their pizza?
Have you ever felt someones body heat when they were near you but weren't touching you?
Only answer if you play Yu-Gi-Oh and weird things happen to you often?
Would you consider the Tim Allen grunt "Art"?
Does emotion count as a ingredient when cooking?
Poll do you think the clock has sex at noon and midnight?
Is it possible to eat a salt shaker?
Okay... did darth vader still have a penis after the... "accident"?
Does the hologram of Michael Jackson performing last night have a soul?
How to lose weight in my nipples?
How does Catdog go to the bathroom?
Fast and furious party?
Has a baby ever went to jail?
My 14 year old son wants to be naked for Halloween?
Best battle ever?
Which restaurants in New York City serve wolf meat?
Is It Weird I Prefer This Type Of Acting?
Is it ok to take a 5 year old to a restaurant with suggestive names for the food?
Can your butt start higher than the crack?
Could an octopus fire a handgun?
How do I eat a Mr Whippy in public without looking like a nutcase?
How can I become an aristocrat?
Did Kenny Rogers change his name to Kenny Loggins?
Is it ok to do the pee pee dance at work?
I want to read Dilbert. Where should I start?
What would your reaction be if a stranger asked you to briefly watch their child?
Would people eat less if air had a flavor?
Has a question on yahoo answers ever turned you on?
How could I make wii bowling sexy?
My manager is a female and she pees so loud how do I tell her that's annoying?
I need extremely dirty truth or dares!?
Would it be illegal to go into the middle of a forest and build a maze, forcing people to traverse it upon entry?
Does this seem like a good power-point to show my parents? (Convincing them to help me get a horse)?
Who was John Candy? What did he do? Why is he important?
Why do so many people buy Lunchables?
Is there a traffic ticket for sexting?
What is the best moisture of ALL to use for lovemaking?
Can I quicken the braces process?
Whats a good answer to the question "why do you want to work for chipotle"?
How to moan loud without being heard?
Why is Blade Runner called Blade Runner?
Is memory foam bad for sex?
What do you think Brutus would reply to Caesar's line "Et tu, Brute!" ?
My dad is a goth what do I do?
How do teacher hugs feel?
Neighbors bong rips keep waking me up at 6:00 am?
Can anybody give me an emo boys myspace?
Interview at mconalds should I eat there before?
Murder Mystery party ideas?
How to make a memorable entrance into a reception?
Why does my breath always smell like dry leaves?
Why does my baby have forehead lines?
Haunted corn maze actor tips please?
Best FAST RAP HIP HOP songs to have sex to?
How did DMX voice get like that?
How to package hummus for trick-or-treaters?
Do you believe in the power of Runes?
Is Joe Pesci really a maniac?
What can I be for Halloween at work? I have to wear my Papa Johns shirt and hat but not the pants.?
What should I name my new restaurant that only serves leftovers from other restaurants?
Why do I feel guilty for eating fruit?
Where can I hire an ALF impersonator for my Bday Party?
Pregnant with twins! Are these good names?
Should I build a disco playhouse for my kids in my backyard?
Is it normal to be sexually attracted to numbers?
Do you think it is possible for Yeti to accept JesusChrist as their savior or does God not want yeti in heaven?
Is my "We didn't start the fire" continuation decent?
What would you consider to be personality traits of an ideal stallion?
How can I convince my girlfriend to dress up like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka?
I had a wet dream I was being chased by a bear?
What are cute "Halloween" names for Spaghetti, French Bread and Salad?
Flushing food in the toilet??
How come people laugh when they see someone with a wallet chain but they cry when they lose their wallet.?
Can you gove me step by step instructions on smoking weed?
Me and my boyfriend are both emo does that mean our children will be emo,too?
Accidentally invented boyfriend?
Why do people still eat corn on the cob?
What should you do when you see your principle buy beer?
What happens if I drink water without interruption? Would my pee keep going? Could I pee like this forever?
Reaching for a dollar?
When astronauts go to space why don't they run in to stars?
In The Truman show, do they film him when he's in the shower, in the toilet or making love?
Why is Peepaw so rude???
Chris Angel vs. Santa Claus?
Was Jermery Pearl Jam arrested for the stuff he did in the video?
I tend to steel peoples toilet paper when i go to there houses?
Do snakes and birds ever make love to each other when scientists aren't looking?
Could someone pretty plz write a vampire story please?
Do I need to see the original Madagascar movie to enjoy and understand the new Penguins of Madagascar movie?
What are the ranks in the Illuminati?
YES OR NO...the things im into are interesting?
How do I convince my girlfriend to stop pooping completely?
I want to be born in 400 years?
Did Elvis have hairy legs , or smooth silky ones ?
Should men start wearing cock pieces as a fashion accessory again?
What would happen to our World if all of a sudden Potato Chips stopped being made ?
Do you think Santa Claus is opposed to Obama's death panels?
How big are elves????
"Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"...Seriously....?
If you gave people your greatest gift what would that be?
How do I come up with my own punching combos.?
Good names for teen clothing store?
Is it wrong to have a fetish for Gingerbread Men?
My boyfriend gave me a 60 count box of waffles for Christmas. He seemed so excited about it but I don't want to hurt his feelings?
Dry hump advice?
I'm throwing a Sexy Santa Party?
How hard can you twerk without dying?
Can anyone tell me who invented hatred?
Do you say thank you after sex?
Astral projection/sex (noob question)?
Does fish oil make your booty pop? ;)?
Whats a clever way to invite someone to medieval times?
If Obama proposed a law saying "Obama shall be supreme judge over all Americans"?
Why there is no beef nuggets?
According to the bible, is vanity over one's potato salad a sin?
When a caterpillar is making a cacoon. Does it know its going to become a butterfly? Or just like wtf am I doing with my life?
Poll: Who is the sexiest Green guy?
Question about the tv show small wonder was Vicky a doll with someone doing her voice or was she a real human?
Which celebrity would you like to stroke your hair if you were dying?
How much is Drake's dad worth?
If you had the chance to go to bedrock and live in a cartoon world but could not come back, would you do it?
If you could recolor an animal, what would you recolor and to what color?
Is it weird that im attracted to transformers..?
What animal is Sonic the hedgehog?
How can I subtly start a apple orchird in my neighbors backyard?
If you had the oportunity to adopt a talking cat would you?
What happens when Vampire bites a Werewolf?
How can you dominate each zodiac sign? What is every zodiacs weakness?
Scientists try to dim the sun. Witches pray so that the sun doesn't shine. The result will be famine. What needs to be done about this?
What is Barack Obama's username on Playstation Network?
Should they include animals in the academy awards?
Is Nickelodeon named after Nick Cannon (settling a bet here)?
What to do with old best friend necklaces??
What does Ja Rule think about all this?
Ok they land on Mars, then what ? like what are they going to do ?
Would your semen be able to leave the moon, if you ejaculated while standing on the moon?
Where and HOW can I get a life like KE$HA'S?? I want a life like that!?
How do I give up rapping?
What is the meaning of every tattoo Adam Levine has?
What are some sexy foods? (besides hotdogs, pickles, etc)?
My son acts like Kramer from Seinfeld, should I be worried?
Wendy's Drive Thru Service Time? Too Fast!??
I think I am in love with my guardian angel?
Can you describe your face expression while eating and drinking?
Am I the only one annoyed about this at the fabric store?
How can I fight well against a guy I took under my wing?
Is it just more or has Britney Spears been "replaced" as one of pop music's top stars?
Peter Popoff miracle water to cure obese cat?
Is there any science to a nerdgasm?
How can i "glamp" my tent? Like glamping, but do it yourself?
Not actually a question.....James Spader?
Is it possible to have a Disney Character with you all day on your birthday at Disneyland?
Can a ghost puke on you?
Can I get my dad arrested for not letting me drop out of school to become zayn maliks replacement in one direction?
Best non beginner snake?
Ladies, I bring my guitar almost everywhere to impress women, does this work?
What would you do if an Arby's Manager punched you in the face..?
My life hasn't been the same since Pluto lost its Planet Recognition?
Found a Chex in a new candle?
I called a man Bumblefoot and he was angered. I did it in a friendly way though. Was I wrong to do this?
What religion are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
He's lying to me about boats...?
How do I make myself have a sex dream?
Butt emergency, anyone who knows how to make a butt look hot, answer this! SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!?
Is Santa Minica Studios gonna make Kratos kill Jesus?! I don't Jesus to die in the future God of War game!!! U Chrsitians agree?
Is someone with the personality of Jackie Chan the perfect man for a woman?
Is there such a thing as spirit sitting that you can be paid for?
Is Crying Over A Celebrity Normal?
Why does the footballist steve madden now make fashion shoes?
I need a good intro for a spelling bee speech?
What is your favorite wizard swear?
My name is Blaze Propes. I'm 15 and a male. I wanted to know if anyone new of a better, more professional name for Blaze?
What is a "Will Smith"?
Any ideas for a sexy tongue trick?
What does it mean when a guy texts a girl a sad-wink emoticon?
Does insurance pay for ripping your butt open?
How do I answer to prom Joker style? (Dark Knight)?
Will there be reggae in the future ?
Is Mountain Dew screwing with my head and increasing my sex drive..?
What are all the Monster energy flavors?
I'm soooo have a crush on sonic the hedgehog! HELP!?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP IM DESPERATE!How old was kristen stewart when she started filming zathura???
Someone threw a dildo to my window?
I'm a big time lawyer in the city, and yet I'm addicted to donkey basketball. All I think about. Is this okay?
How can I have sex with Drew Davenport?
If you could make a new custom flag for America, what would the flag look like? Can you describe it or draw a picture of it?
Did Shia LaBeouf get his scream from John Turturro?
I want to become a freelance spy and have an agency. How do I get missions?
Who is your favorite McElroy?
What Could Happen To Me If I Mix My Blood With kangaroo Blood?
My husband is jealous of Guy Fieri...?
What medicine is for long time sex?
Where would parents hide condoms?
Are there any lawyers that deal with spiritual and mentaphysical crime?
What is a good come back when somebody tells you to "stick your head in gravy"?
Anyone Write A Book Blurb For Me?
I need to learn how to work at Subway?
Are the hinges on Blu-ray boxes getting weaker, or am I getting a whole lot stronger?
Whats a good sumer gob 4 teens?
Does anyone practise baby massage on their 6 - 12 month old baby?
How to make my dad stop using words like 'swag'? HE IS RUINING MY LIFE?
An anime that will make my DAD cry?
Why do big beautiful men LOVE putting so much seasonings on their food?
Is it bad to eat only FIVE Cheetos a day?
Where is wizard hut ?
Would you buy a marble sculpture of Bart Simpson if money wasn't an issue?
How can I make myself into a human peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Is it weird to watch porn with 9 other dudes with surround sound and order pizza for the event? Like w/ sports?
How do you make a scrotum more attractive?
Can you list the reasons why a man cries?
What if everything was shaped like a penis?
If you new you was about to die what would be your last meal?
OMG! My tropical fish are eating it?
Cool band names for metal band?
My boyfriend is addicted to skyrim?
Could I eat an entire bag of pizza rolls without dying?
What are the risks of at home circumcision?
Did anyone else hated Alan Alda in MASH?
I think my best friend is a vigilante... What should I do?
Is it possible to ask a question without using a question mark?
Do they make Rob Schneider dolls?
If people are having sex during an earthquake, do they still have to move?
Puzzle of the muscles?
"Homemade" ways to replicate the look of a butt bra?
My boyfriend to be keeps on giving me the head lice?!?
Present ideas for someone who likes pizza, butts, and goats?
Which celebrities love watching pokemon or reading pokemon fan fiction stories? Please answer!?
I need good ideas on a trap to set up on my roomate?
Ghostbusters question: what happens if one of ghost busters dies and becomes a ghost?
Is "cowabunga" a cuss word?
My dad smells his fingers!!! why?
How do the UFC get your number?
Did dragons live before, during, or after dinosaurs?
Handshakes: should we just get rid of it?
How to forget a MAJOR spoiler?
Why " Shrek " is green?
I want to join a local biker gang but I don't care about bikes. Should I be upfront about this or would it be wiser to pretend?
Can I bring frozen pizzas in my carry on or hold in hand?
What kind of situations are going on in CNN's Situation Room?
Desensitization... Balloons?
If butterflies could speak for 24 hours, what do you think we could learn in those 24 hours?
I Like Space and Dinosaurs?
How do you play Snugglebug at a party? Rules?
Boxing combinations?
Does anyone know how to curse a real sword?
Is Dakota fanning still alive?
What would happen if I hugged and kissed the Grinch?
How to kill time in a cheap & sleazy motel?
How come some ghosts are cool and some are jerks?
Which is the biggest planet in the world?
I think I swap bodies with my goldfish at night,help!?
Will there be any Gyms when Pokemon Go comes out?
Do ALL people who get lasic eye surgery see ghosts?
When did the phrase "get jiggy with it" become extinct?
What can i get a horse and dog for christmas?
What do angels eat for my book?
What are some awkward places to hang mistletoe?
If you were a legitimate vampire, who would you surprise with the gift of eternal life this Christmas?
What do you do to make the lettuce on your sandwich feel sexy?
Thongs for men (boyskinz)?
If you could assassinate any of the characters of Saved By the Bell, who would it be and how?
How do you prepare for a staring contest?
Is it illegal for me to upload a picture of me with a sword to Facebook?
Would Christianity be as popular as it is today, if the Jesus was depicted more like Danny Devito?
Do colleges look at yahoo answers ?
How did you learn how to beat box?
Who invented crash bandicoot?
Teen fun crazy camps?
A good name for a sports drink?
Silly, irrational fears and how to overcome them?
What would Batman think of marijuana? Would he look down on people who use it?
Coffe it s become the man soul's fuel?
I will never learn a backflip?
If I'm at an MLB game, could I help my home team get a home run this way?
Who invented the names of things?
Can you bring board games such as Monopoly onto an airplane?
How to convert sexual energy to sporting and atheletic prowess?
How to get a haircut similar to Joseph Stalin without showing the girl who cuts my hair a picture of Joseph Stalin?
Is a teen a "nerd" if they use a pocket watch?
What is the Fastest way to eat corn on the Cob?
What is lizard man’s relationship to this human world?
Is SUPER MARIO Italian Or Mushroom Kingdomese?
Can a teenager have a personal bodyguard for a short amount of time?
What would Quantum Leap have been like if Scott Bakula's charachter were played by a horse?
What celebrity would you like to swim with?
Recurring nightmare I am on a Nickelodeon game show?
How do I make a something look like an old man was saying it?
Don't you hate people who think Barney and Fred are from Fruity Pebbles? THEY'RE FROM FLINSTONES YOU IDIOTS!!?
What's the difference between toke and blaze?
Why do some injections you have to get in the butt?
How does ghost pokemon sex work?
Would it be a violation of any rules to read questions and answers of Yahoo Answers on my podcast?
How do I get my parents out of the house?
Did you lose all respect for Steve Guttenberg as a serious actor when he did Dancing with the Stars?
Why am I attracted to the "weight gain" belly scene from the movie The Santa Clause?
Who stole my Christmas goose?
If I am a super good girl, will Santa bring me Robert Downey Jr. for Christmas?
Did you think Mrs. Doubtfire was hot when you were a kid, or was that just me?
Does Dressing up as Tommy pickles get you a 5 day suspension from school?
Is having an imaginary enemy worse than having an imaginary friend?
Why does the Full House and Family Matters theme sound the same? Are they the same?
Do you ship planets together or no?
If someone was to clone Barack Obama could the clone run for president ?
Are potato guns deadly?
Where to stash weed and pipes?(weed smokers only)?
If you could live in someones shoes for a day, who would it be?
DID ANYBODY HAVE SEX in the 1990s. did it feel different from now?
I need a funny meme for a girl I didn't mean to hurt?
What should I do about this coyote my kids have been feeding?
Army Wife or Arby's Wife?
Extremely short tongue for kissing?
Is being popular in high school a good skill i can use in a job interview?
Are all Power Rangers episodes swearless or do some have swearing (for my kids)?
Am i TOO powerful?
If you put Mountain Dew in a purifier would you get water or Mountain Dew?
Every time I go to lick a stamp I really want to gently kiss it instead. Is this OK?
Big hands ?????????????
Feminists, are you impressed that David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes on Oprah?
I mastruabithed with my Terrible Towel...Superbowl Party??!!?
Three mysterious stones at my front door?
Do you think we'll ever have an emo president?
It is possible to use science from Weird Science to make Erin Esurance real?
Can anyone recommend any good weightlifting music?
Please i need to know how to start with popeye the sailor man eulogy for muy speech class?
Can anybody find out if billy zane is available to sell pasta at my new store cal pasta?
Jealous of other peoples boats?
Is mark hammill going to be able to do light sabre fights in the next 2 movies of the starwars?
Any good nicknames to call drumming?
Did the moon exist in the 90s. i hate the moon?
If I am talking on the phone in my underwear, can people tell by my voice that I am in my underwear?
I got kicked out of Cici's Pizza for eating too much?
The swing era is slowly dying away?
Is there ONE quote from John Malkovich which resonates with you?
What is Lou Bega's net worth?
My girlfriend lives in Tokyo. Is a body pillow with my picture on it as a christmas gift weird or cute?
Can you cook and eat the beans from a bean bag chair?
What did teens do in medieval times or back in ancient times?
Are there any movies where Paul Giamatti is just happy, chipper dude?
My son wants a Google themed party for his 9th birthday. Any ideas?
When is truck month traditionally celebrated?
Do Sonic characters have last names? ?
Can you clone a pizza?
How do you politely refuse to let someone ride your horse?
Taller wife is blessing or curse.?
Why are calzones called calzones and not pizza sandwiches?
If I let a bee sting in on my male part will it make it bigger?
Should Truck Nuts be made illegal?
I ate a whole can of baked beans?
What would happen if everyone in the united states flushed their toilets all at the same exact time?
Can you give me some summer camp prank ideas?
Are ghosts stuck with whatever haircut and outfit they had on when they died or can they customize their look and gear?
How do you clean a stinky Beanie Baby?
I need some facts on Mario Lopez.. help please!!!??
I have to go to a bully's birthday party tomorrow night and I do not know what to give them for a gift - can anybody help me with this?
Can anyone tell me how to get young Joseph Stalin hair without showing the barber a picture of young Joseph Stalin?
Are you all aware that we're the laughingstock of the Internet?
How to get my mum to buy me shorts when I haven't worn them for years??
If celebrities were Pokemon,who would you use your Master Ball for?
What are the 5 hardest tricks for a magician to do?
What do pilots dream about ?
I m looking for hype clean songs.?
Do members of Linkin Park smoke marijuana?
Do you think Winona Ryder is bad?
Do you think the KFC in heaven will have a bigger menu?
Can i hire someone to do vape tricks at my sons birthday party?
I want to be an explosive dunker but I'm skinny but can do a basic 2 hand dunk I'm 6'6 already and 16 I want to be able to catch oops?
Where can you find lots of gold?
I'm sorry for trolling?
Can I still vape when I have walking pneumonia?
I want to learn MMA but I am worried about safety?
Who believes Bruce Willis is a YAHOO User?
Is bruce willis a good singer?
If animals don't want to be eaten, why are they made of food?
How would you handle students who charge your son/daughter $1 each time he or she farts in class?
What is the national soup for USA?
Chicken soup...for boys?
Does space weed exist in the Star Wars cannon?
The backward, misunderstandable line of "work it" by Missy Elliot?
How many calories are in a 2016 Silverado HD pickup truck?
What is the cutest way to cuss?
How creative is Kid Rock?
Have you ever given up on a horse?
If you had to wear a picture of food on all your clothing forever, what would it be?
Is Ferdinand Magellan the first to circumcise the earth?
Can a police officer pull over another?
Help me add to and improve a stand-up i'm writing (most of it's observational humour)?
In home improvement... are the sons related to tim allen?...?
Is Wario really all that "bad"? Asking for my children.?
How was snoop dogg able to smoke for so long , without getting arrested?
Why can't we grow burger in tree ?
Would anime be affected if Donald Trump became president?
How was hacking done before the internet existed?
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
Why doesn't the Grand Canyon have rides?
I see Orbs when I play my guitar?
Who else can't stand fake Outkast fans?
Teaching Internet My Uncle ?
Does Seattle have culture, class, cuisine, opera, all the stuff I see in Frasier?
Why don't pets need jobs, but humans do?
How many people agree that SmashMouth at the end of Rat Race was a crummy way to end a classic comedy?
Did Guy Fieri ever eat a meal in a Diner, Drive In or Dive that he didn't think was totally awesome?
Don't you wish that Donkey's only existed in legends?
What extreme unreasonable things would you do just for one slice of piping hot chicago style pizza?
What does David Spade mean to you?
I invented a bag that serves 2 main purposes. Would like to pick the name for my project. What do you guys think of name "50/50 Bag"?
How do they film a movie inside a movie ?
If I ate 2 baconators from Wendy's, will I die?
Is there anything you can do to mute the sounds coming from the bathroom if it's about 10 feet from the living room?
When do waiters eat?
Will bong water get my plants high?
What s a cool catch phrase to say before you throw up?
Is Mayor McCheese a Republican or a Democrat?
What kind of apple juice comes in a small glass jar like the ones that were on the tv show martin?
How do I choose between 2 barbers?
Will the dentist be able to tell I smoke weed?
How do I get back into the zoo?
Are old school fedora hats back in style for the upscale business man or just for the fringe?
Has anyone invented a pornographic kite?
Is it normal to get aroused by the sight and smell of garlic bread?
What is the relationship between emo culture and Emo Philips?
How do i teach my dog discipline through the martial arts?
Did Happy Gilmore continue professional golfing after the movie ended?
Where exactly is the f-word in Now You See Me 2?
What is the meaning the of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers?
Is it soup weather yet?
I think magicians are hot. I can't afford to go to circuses. Is there any other places that magicians hang out where I could meet them?
Would you eat a bag of bread rolls? that have been mysteriously left at your doorstep.?
How can i explain to my idiot aunt that flute doesn't attract snakes?
How to convince my teacher to start vape club?
The Ghostbusters theme won't stop playing on my computer nonstop. No application or background app is being used. Help!?
Where does Aqua man piss?
Are Roller Coaster Good For You?
Are Roller Coaster Good For You?
Have you met or seen any celebrities through the horse world?
What is Mary Tyler Moore's role in the big scheme of things?
What do bees use honey for is it their food?
What's a good Shaq themed cocktail to mix for my New Year's Eve Party tonight?
Where are the real Cuban sorcerersWhere are the real Cuban sorcerers?
Why can't joggers run around in a circle? Why do they have to run where they can pose and flex in front of everone?
Hiw to make your parents think you found a lizard even though you bought it online?
Can't get into TV series/movies because I know they are just acting?
Can you please just admit that George Washington didn't exist?
Can you legally have a number in your name?
Did cavemen cry?
Have you ever wondered what happens to ghosts during tornados & hurricanes?
Have you ever bought burgers at one place and fries at another?
Monroe poses with 2 hand guns in her hands crossed over each other i want to put it on a shirt for a friend where can i get the image so i can in large it?
Am I the only one who thinks the actor Dwayne Johnson looks like The Rock from WWE?
How old do you have to be to eat out at a resturant?
Which is the baby? The egg or the sperm?
How can you cheat at laser tag?
Home made Trampoline?
How many of you think Adam Sandler is misusing his talents in movies?
What was that cartoon movie that had a bunch of cars?
Can young Shaq take down a large male wolf?
Why are merkins considered "cool" but toupeés are not?
I need a word that begins with J (not jelly)?
How do I stop people on Facebook from taking credit of my food pics?
I need to fake like I ve smoked pot before?
How dangerous would i be in a fight ?
Is a shrimp a baby lobster?
What does it actually sound like when doves cry?
What is it about professional wrestling that makes you want to become one ?
Who would win in a fight, one godzilla sized pug, one million pug sized godzillas or kevin from home alone?
I heard that if you get a taco bell tattoo, they will give you fee food for life. Is this true?
Would you rather live under the sea or up in the sky?
What are some juggalo prayers?
Where can I find a free .jpg-image of TIM ALLEN dressed as SANTA CLAUS?
How should I PREP as Santa Claus?
Why does Santa Clause allow Rudolph to get bullied by the other reindeer? Santa has a duty to keep all his reindeer safe.?
If I send a spear into space and it pierces the sun, will the sun explode?
You are all asshole!
Need email that I sent to Gary Spangler?
Is there any way to take a good Mugshot?
When is the best time to have a root beer float?
I just heard the new company is finally taking over yahoo.What will happen to our emails and yahoo answers?This saddens me:( saw it on news.?
Is ronald mcdonald a virgin or did he lose his virginity?
Do you know some movie, cartoon or book with same style of "MONKEYBONE"?
What hookah tobacco smells like sex or a sexy woman?
Help how to properly get rid of a Ouija board?
What would you name 5 sons?
In Back to the Future 3, since time travel is obviously fake, how did they get back to the olden west to film the movie?
What is wendys policy when your lost?
I bet no one has asked this one before, What rides at an amusement park are best for kissing?
Where can i get free clarinet sheet music of linkin park?
Why do most butlers came from England ?
What's a good argument to convince my parents to let me have two horses?
Are flautists capable of expelling poison darts from a flute?
I need funny valentine quotes please help! :D?
I walked on the beach today. Seagull like bird flew by & hit me on my right cheek, then flew away. Lots of people saw that. What's meaning?
I need a lot of mercury. Probably close to a gallon. How do I do this?
Should it be illegal to steal someones kill on Call of Duty?
Would a toaster still work in a freezer?
In Italian cuisine, is it appropriate to mix two different types of pasta?
Is it immature when a guy says "penis power!" during sex?
I am naming all of my pants. Let's start with the torn Wrangler's with spaghetti sauce on the left leg....
Do Dogs know they are dogs?
What s a good name for a posh, all boy's school?
I'm a fan of Kevin Costner. Can any of you beat that?
Santa Claus with six pack Abs?
My Dad broke his wrist and when asked about Christmas says "All I want is a new wrist" What should I get him?
Why does the New Years ball keep getting smaller?
Wouldn't Harry Potter movies be so much better if Will Smith was Dumbledore?
How do you tell someone they are bad at Yu-Gi-Oh?
Shoes off at the door, a growing trend?
When you go to the bathroom in a movie theater, can you ask a stranger what you missed?
Will the Loch Ness monster get into christian heaven?
Do you like people, generally? Or would you rather kick some butt?
Do celebrities have to go to school?
Is watching Air Bud on a portable DVD player in my car too intimate for a first date?
Is Willem Dafoe Trying To Tell Me Something In My Dream?
How did people know when to meet back in vampire times?
Does adding flavor to water makes it juice?
What does David Spade mean to you?
If David Blaine and Criss Angel got into a fight?
What would happen if I pinched a policeman for not wearing green today?
Accidentally watched illegal movie?
Is it legal for me to name my son "gears of war" on his birth certificate?
Who's on your lasertag team?
Could I play video games for the school talent show?
Is Jack Sparrow a better Island icon than Jimmy Buffet?
Where can I find Austin Powers-type decorating ideas for a yacht?
I had a dream that Mike Pence kissed my forehead. Is that bad?
What sports did william shakespeare like?
What goes well with shrimp scampi?
Is it possible to curve a NERF bullet like in the movie Wanted?
If all the birds in world held on to a tree and fly up?
Is it weird if two strangers had a mutual agreement to lean on each other on a plane?
Am I allowed to hold dance classes in the sewer?
Is there a clean version of Tubthumping by Chumbawamba?
Can you name all of Steve Urkel's catchphrase?
Will doing this make me look like a douche or something?
I know this sounds weird and stupid but, who closes the door when a bus driver gets off the bus??
Did Arthur (from the cartoon) ever go to a funeral in the show??
Why does the New Years Ball Drop instead of go up?
Has there ever been a circular banana?
Need help ASAP! My rear end is glued to my office chair due to a super glue prank!!!!!!!?
Why do my eyes change from emerald green to a steel dark blue before and during a storm?? I've looked but no solution?
How do you stop obsessing and overcome wanting a pie smashed in your face?
Should I add my dad on Xbox?
I need help looking cool while waiting at the bus stop...?
What would it be like if humans were in a constant state of orgasm? Would it even be possible to drive a car?
Did the owners of Prego spaghetti sauce think of Pregnant women when they came up with the name since Preggo is short for Pregnant?
What do you think it would feel like to get crushed or killed by Goro from Mortal Kombat?
Who are the real emos?
How to get Silly Putty out of bed sheets?
Going to arrest someone soon?
Are there specific names for colors we cannot see?
You like pigeons?
I thought Obama was supposed to make the commercials on TV be the same volume as the shows. What happened to this?
How do you avoid getting water up your rear when going on certain water slides?
How do we make apple juice more relevant to adult consumers?
Would you like to go completely Gary-Free?
Don't horses deserve horse-shaped coffins?
How do we make apple juice more relevant to adult consumers?
Should I invent a contraption that only the very smart sperm cells are able to make it through?
What gun can u picture ash with from Pokemon?
What gauge are Dave Navarro's nipple piercings?
What is the third choice in tic tac toe?
Can or is our galaxy just an eye in a giants face? Has science proved this wrong?
Would my nickname Navy Bean help me get in the navy?
Doing a mini-play based on an episode of Frasier?
Is Elon Musk basically adult Jimmy Neutron?
True or False: You have fully explored your entire body at least once?
In a war between Centaurs and Men on horses who would win?
Is Minecraft based on a true story?
What would become of McDonald's if they were just serving Happy Meals with characters of Family Guy and South Park for an older audience?
When was it proven that you can't breathe in space?
Did Nostradamus really write something about gangnam style getting a billion hits?
My parents found my bong?
How to sneak pancakes into a movie theater?
Does Batman eat or drink while he is Batman or does he wait until he is Bruce Wayne?
If spiderman shoot web from his hand, batman shoot bats from his hand, what does the hulk shoot from his hand?
Survey - do ghosts haunt the other ghosts?
Do you think Gordon Ramsay would show up in heaven and start telling everyone what is wrong and how to fix it all?
Should i invite Tyler?
Is Scorpio and Sub-zero atheists?
Obscene reference in first line of "Smooth" by Carlos Santana?
Yesterday a dog along the canal tried attacking a swan on land and the swan attacked it and the dog backed off. why did it back off?
Do you think a small dog could kill an adult swan?
Could a chihuahua kill an adult swan?
How many of my own mozzarella sticks do you think I can bring into Applebees before they get suspicious?
How do you eat tacos in class without getting yelled at?
Do I have to form the meat into the shape a steak, or does it do that on it's own in the pan?
How I got the blank ATM card that changed my life.
My cat saw me throw away a mouse?
What's your trademark?
Will there be a Zootopia 2?
Could the police still arrest me if I had plans to get a pizza delivered to me?
My neighbor is cooking some pancakes next door. The aroma is overwhelmingly wonderful. Would it be rude to knock on her door and ask her for one?"
On imdb, why was Kevin James' height changed from 5'8" to 5'9 1/2"?
If Buzz Lightyear truly believed he was not a toy then why does he freeze when humans are around?
What are the terms of your Friendship Contract?
Solve my harry potter Riddle?
Can you become a celebrity for arguing with a celebrity on twitter and winning?
Is 'fidget spinner' masculine or feminine in Spanish?
Help me prank my step dad?
So in the emoji movie can other emoji's have sex and have kids??
As a vegan, can you believe it's September, already?
How can I get the poltergeists in my house to understand that they don't scare me, and nothing they can do will drive me away?
I dream of bathrooms?
What do you call the middle part of the pizza? Urgent.?
If you die on an operating table but come back to life is your birthday changed?
Can a dolphin tell if your hungover?
What's in your Dream Stable.?
Are lobsters italian?
Is it awkward for actors and actress to do kissing scenes?
How does one end a griffin's occupation of a castle?
Who named the moon, "The Moon"?
Do you think that Mr Bean is sexy?
If I want to make a spa, what will really put it over the top, and how can I beat other competitors?
How do i join the japanese mafia aka the jakuza?
Can I eat a meatball sub while sick?
Can feeding take place via smell, on a (very small scale of course)?
Anyone know a way to take hot sauce to school without bringing the whole bottle?
Mad because my life sucks compared to Seth Rogen and Seth MacFarlane?
How do i sell a single potato?
How does wearing khaki pants make you feel?
What would happen if you put pets in virtual reality?
Chris Gaines and Garth Brooks...cousins?
I have to convience my friends on social media that i have kidney stone?
How to get slime off the ceiling?
Where does the noise from the doorbell come from?
Can I play video games in my mind?
Write the saddest story you can think of using only four words?
Is the Joker a Christian?
Can celebrities and normal people have their own separate heavens when they die?
What if we can breath in space but the government tells us we can't so we don't try to escape?
Nightmare about a nuthead...?
Is every Greg blood related? I can't find any information?
My bed smell bad?
Invent new sport "BIRD FISHING"?
A psychic told me i had a connection to cats and a "cat planet"? it started with a T but i cant remember the name of it?
I got fired from a restaurant. Does that mean I can't eat there any more?
Is it possible to eat a banana without feeling rude?
Is there a place that will turn my ashes into a bong after I die?
How do I send Ellen DeGeneres a picture of my cat? Thank you very much. Annette Decker?
What happens if a vampire bites another vampire?
NCIS-themed birthday party?
Why is our GOVERNMENT and OTHERS hiding the TRUTH about GIANTS ?
Should spaghetti be way shorter?
Is a jelly donut a donut?
What does Robert want for Christmas?
Why is the word "asshole" not censored on Yahoo Answers? Is it because the Christians are losing power?
Why is Paul McCartney Stingy?
How many horses would it take to pull a horse trailer full of horses?
If I get my life saved by a frog, will I turn into a frog?
How could you probably react if you see the Grinch totally naked?
If your in hospital over Christmas what happens to all of the sick people when the hospital closes Christmas day?
What would happen if you were to drink the water that was from where frosty snowman melted?
Do you enjoy a celebratory Christmas grapefruit? Is there anything more deciduous?
Can I eat twice at dennys?
Who do you think will win in a fight, your mailman or your garbage man?
What if for the last episode of Frasier Kelsey Grammer was butt naked the whole time?
What would happen if i shoot an ouija board?
Cat won't come out of hiding after I got a vape pen?
If I (legally) bought the Mona Lisa, would anyone be able to stop me from eating it?
Soldiers in the Troy horse?
Has there ever been a person to get shoot in the balls and survive??? OUCH!!!?
Can a ghost charge a phone?
Why do people from New Jersey ski in their jeans?
Do you believe in Da Vinci Code?
Should i punch Tyler in the face if he insists on calling eating "refueling"?
If Jurassic Park was real would you go?
I've noticed a strange habit I have. If I'm at a coffee shop, I will take sips out of my empty mug. Nervous habit or what?
Can Jello steal my energy if I am an Aquarius?
How DEEP inside an apple is the Most nutrition?
If someone behaves like a vampire and I think they might really be a vampire, then am I allowed to break into the house?
Is Squidward a Christian?
Do Doves like being used for magic tricks?
I need a catchphrase! Help!
Encino Man: Fact or fiction?
How to get Pac Man dots off monitor?
If you could speak as soon as you were born,what would you first words be?
Can this site be downloaded?
What did Christian Grey say in the clean TV version of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey?
If someone came up with the idea of a "meat drink", would you drink it?
Is it possible to build toy with fake muscles, veins, bones, skin, organs, etc.?
Does the word "badass" mean "not good butt"?
In a real life situation can firefighter really pee on a small fire to get it out? cause game shows you can't believe?
Family feud question name something a firefighter do to put out small fire? that was question the answer was pee how is that possible?
How do I play a video game?
Where can I find scented candles that smell like new band-aids?
Rusted Fidget Spinner?
When people say "great scott!" who is the scott they are referring to?
How to build a cozy nook for having sex?
How do I cure my Randy Quaid phobia?
If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would we know?
What's your power meal?
Can you get two drinks at once at Red lobster?
Magic to have a brother or sister
On the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me, how do you tell which one is talking?
Is there anything you're NOT allowed to write on a headstone?
How did the person who invented the clock know the time?
WHat is the dougie and why does my mom want me to teach her how to? Will I get in trouble if I dont pls help??
How come Dorothy's dress never got dirty all the way to Oz?
How did the person that invented the microscope think of the microscope?
So why did Sir Isaac Neutron shoot that apple off that guy's head?
Has anyone had sex in space to see if conception works in space?
Billy Joel Costume?
Why is it called The Breakfast Club?
Hey, um, how do I get the wax covering on Babybel cheese out of my ear?
I have an idea for a syrup. How can I go about selling it commercially?
I touched a supposedly haunted piano, that didn't know was haunted, am I screwed?
Am I allowed to bring my rubiks cube to a football game?
What are we gonna have for breakfast in 100 years from now? thanks?
High school constipated vape and won t give it back?
How do i be brave on "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"?
How do u eat a hot dog in a fancy way?
How do you describe taking out five blades out of your chest in a book?
Now back to sandals and non white socks, who thought that up?
Is Yahoo a good stock?
What are some things you would tell your younger equestrian self?
Has the human body evolved for fistfighting?
What is that one movie where jidnsey lohan switched bodies with jamie lee curtis NOT FREAKY FRIDAY the other one.?
Heroes and villains?
Any ideas for my plant pot experiment?
What would it be like if Deadpool took over the Cracker Barrel franchise?
What do Canadians download?
Scooby Doo question?
My grandfather is always trying to kill me in my dreams?
How did you feel the first time you ate at Golden Corral?
When Dorothy goes back to Kansas at the end of The Wizard of Oz what happens to Ms. Gulch at the end of the movie?
Does tigers have breasts?
Need to create a chapter for Fight Club!?
Why you dont hear teens singing the "Sitting in the tree" song?
If i injected Einstein DNA, will i become a genius?
What problems do us farmers have?
When feeling the heat, do you usually bail out or stay for the action?
Is there anybody born in the 20th century alive?
Would Apple sales be affected if Steve Jobs dropped the iPod on stage while presenting it for the first time?
Is it okay to eat some sandwiches in church?
Who else right now is shirtless and chomping on a huge hunk of cheddar cheese like I am?
Can the Cavs theoretically sign me to a 15 day contract if I could win them the championship against Golden State?
If you die hungry, is your ghost hungry forever?
How does one become a ship captain?
Is the ASS all that matters these days?
Are you allowed to put Baby On Board Sticker when driving motorcycle in California?
How do i breed my carpet python?
What should I do if I dab on a hater but the hater dabs back?
What makes something "food"?
What to wear to laser tag?
Is it blasphemy to say grace when eating food from Burger King?
Me and my friend both applied for the same job. He got the job but I didn’t. Can I sue Papa Johns?
How can I stop YouTube from recommending Super Mario gaming for me?
Does Mr. Peanut need that monocle or is it just a fashion statement?
When I'm sitting on the toilet my testicles, and sometimes my penis, hit the water. Is there anyway to adjust the toilet's water level?
I don't think I've ever seen a toucan?
What would you do if someone laughed at your telescope?
What is the right way to scold my lovebird when he does something wrong?
Would you be embarrassed if someone tried to kill you in public?
What is the name "Todd" short for?
Can you make a Doritos commercial without copyrights?
If you were part of a construction crew and while digging the foundation, you stumbled upon ancient gold coins, what would you do then?
What can I do to make a trash can really smelly? That’s right!?
What was the name of the book about the giant hero dog? (Not Clifford!)?
In the TV show Friends what was the point of Ross?
Am I a hipster if I watch dvds?
Is it true that sweat and pee are like "cousins"?
Will people think I'm tough if I talk through clenched teeth and wear sunglasses?
Have you ever bought a burger from a burger van?
In the movie Cars, how would the cars have kids???
How to get over losing important jpeg pictures on your pc?
My stupid brother might have given my dog a twizzler. How can I tell for sure?
Im 13 and have $82. What should I spend it on?
Does anyone have the problem of croissants tasting like blood?
I just got hired at Starbucks, but I don't drink coffee. A friend of mine told me the first day I have to try all the coffees. Can I opt out?
Which soda stains car seats the worst?
Is it true that some vegetarian won't even drive through a city if it has the word "ham" in it?
Theres an important surfing competition in sepptember dad i want to go to that before i to college please dad please say yes?
Have any of you used a movie/video game fight move in real life? If so, pls tell me how it went.
What is some good strong fighting food?
Any bands that write lyrics about how difficult the job market is?
The owner yelled at me?
Will the marine corps check my tattoo in detail?
My dog doesn't want to go on walks with me any more because of the owls. Does the dog know?
If you were Bigfoot would you reveal yourself to humans?
Why is everything at my grandma's house moist?
Why do people keep giving their children names that are already in use?
I bought a silver necklace to my friend as a gift. How do I tell her it's real silver without sounding like bragging?
On the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway", what was in the box he never opened?
Why does the smell of laser tag get me horny?
No dress code funeral?
What happens when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles become adults? Are they just Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Why are human babies more foolish than most other animal babies?
How are you able to be on Yahoo every morning and not work for a living?
I accidentally ate the Do Not Eat packet inside my shoe box. Am I gonna die?
Are goldfish (the snack) cursed?
What's a better name for a moth, Timothy or Peter?
Do you think Neil Armstrong filled his space diaper during the moonwalk (serious answers please)?
If you want an extra cheese slice at a fancy restaurant what is the least embarrassing way of saying it?
Is lettuce basically crunchy water?
If You Pump a Haunted Cellar Full of Concrete, Does It Get Rid of the Ghost?
Halloween prank what would happen if I did this?
Does Oscar the Grouch have legs, and, furthermore, a dingaling?
How to drop a community acting class?
Should teachers be allowed to swear?
Whom is Madden and why does he get all the football games?
Would you rather have a cat with a human face or a dog with human hands instead of paws?
Do planes move fast or slow?
If I can catch a scorpion does it become my pet?
Can you be naked in a laundromat? Can you wash the clothes you have on and be naked in a laundromat while they're washing?
Can I trick somebody a Walmart into thinking I had a prize in the claw machine and it got dropped by the claw machine and I want to have it?
When is Santa's birthday?
If you could talk to everyone in the world at the same time what would your message be to them? I.e. "don't use abusive comments!"
Is it normal to be bored in ballet class?
Is it possible to create a poem in your dreams?
Is there a place where I can make my own sandwich?
Do ants pee and poo and how?
why are we don't see knights in this day in age???
Why isnt my fruits and vegetable blog getting views......?
Why the hell don't I like potato salad?
Is buying calcium enriched milk like bone insurance?
If I break a wishbone by myself (right hand vs. left hand), will I get my wish?
Is it possible to drink water without making any throat sounds at all?
Is this Radio Disney song about SEX?!?!?
I know cows have udders, but do they also have breasts?
Does NASA drug test? I'm thinking of being an astronaut?
What non-toxic additions can you put into handmade soap to jazz it up?
Is a vegan allowed to eat extremely wafer-thin ham?
Can I vape and still be a Republican?
Is it better to smoke a cigarette or vape during an open air Christmas carol service?
How does Santa get away with having his elves put together and give away toys that are trademarked or patented by other entities?
What does Santa Claus and the Christmas people do on Easter?
Gosh, bein' sick all the time is sure bad. Also, because this is Yahoo Answers, can dogs see wi-fi?
Is the Happy Honda Days promotion part of the war on Christmas?
How can I get sponsored for parkour?
I got Taco Bell in my guitar and idk what to do
I ate an old life saver candy cherry flavor will I die from the oldness of the candy please help?
What is a polite way to pocket pick?
I forgot when my job interview is?
How many rocks can YOU fit in YOUR backpack?
Is it time to force dogs to wear underwear?
Why don't they make an electric eye that moves and watches you and is like Google home or Amazon echo?
Why do people with baguettes think they are better than me?
Is it possible to be blowed out a whales blowhole and life?
Can a PowerPoint be sexy? Like a sexual experience?
What does the moon smell like?
Cat smelled my vape! Is that ok?
Does anyone else crush up pringles, pour some on the lid, and then eat them like a pet licking water from a bowl, or is that just me?
My dreams be having 10 to 30 second commercials, is this normal?
Can a locksmith break into every door?
The sun? Is that sucker big or what?
It's 12:46 AM, is it too early/late in the day to make tortellini? I gotta know?
Is it rude to look at other people's shopping at the supermarket?
Can 38-year-olds listen to Slipknot?
Why haven't other animals been as generous as lizards in their evolution?
What if every cup ever disappeared?
What would it be like if Shrek had a brother?
Would it be illegal to set up Burger King for a lawsuit?
How can I make a 2004 Honda Accord sexy as shit?
Does peanut butter make boys bigger?
Can I start a gym called Goku or would that be infringement? There would be no reference or mascot or anything similar DBZ?
Is dessert its own meal or is it a part of dinner?
What is a ham basket and how does it get you to hell?
Why don't we eat fruit hot and microwaved?
Can a self-driving car get its own job as a taxi or Uber and live a life of its own?
I need 50 words to describe birds visually, let me know what words come up when you think of how birds look?
Who out there hates BMW or Mercedes like me? I hate those cars with a potion?
How do I make other dogs respect my dog?
Jim Carrey tribute party :)?
Ants with wings, who are they?
What if one day the cows fight back?
My father's wife believes in crystal power. She also hates me to no end. So, why did she give me this agate beaded bracelet if she hates me?
Can I cook raw chicken in the michael wave?
Why are tricycles only designed for little kids?
If you could create a potion, what type of potion would it be?
How many calories are there in soap?
If you raise a crocodile since its birth, will it ever turn on you?
I don't get it, what's the point of bubble bath?
Was I right to leave the party because there was nowhere for me to sit?
How do you describe an elephant taking a dump in a funny, yet serious, way?
Why don't scientists make military armor from bug shells?
How did King Triton get so buff?
Why does frying tomatoes turn them green?
My son has a microwave in his room?
Do you ever buy raspberries and think "this fruit reminds me of Spider-Man"?
People used to call me "dude". Now they call me "sir". Why?
Hunting: we are getting pizza for dinner?
How do I force my cat to have dinner with me?
Why does Eminem hide his smile?
All I want in life is to be able to cruise on my motorcycle with my dog. How can I do that?
Did cavemen go to school?
How to build a koi pond for cheap?
Does anyone else ever accidentally call lotion "yogurt" and vice versa?
If I am a 14-year-old and my family has a guinea pig is he my brother or son?
Spiders? In my house? How get rid of? Like Minecraft?
How do people in pie factories know which box or wrapper to put on a pie if they can't see what's inside of it?
Do I still have fraud protection if I post pics of my credit cards on Facebook?
Do the contestants actually die on Ellen's Game of Games in the final round?
How bad is Cheesecake Factory? For my body?
How do I make it seem like I need protein powder for school?
What would surnames be if they were invented today?
Do you eat celery in the military?
Is a restaurant a store?
What kind of facial hair is good for a writer/poet?
Would you ever betray your soccer team to impress someone or for any other reason?
Is it safe for me to lick my Himalayan salt lamp every now and then?
Why do people think my fighting stance is weak?
Is Long John Silver's generally a good fish experience?
How to make boiled eggs smell bad quickly for school?
How can I talk my dad into letting me have a 175-gallon aquarium?
Yahoo, if some tell me there is a new moon, what happened to the previous moon?
I missed a fight at school and I can't get them to fight again, what do I do?
Did soldiers in the American Revolution ever take off their shirts/coats off during battles?
How many Whoppers can YOU eat?
I have a TV that talk, but no picture?
What happens if you eat pudding mix and then drink a bunch of milk, does it turn to pudding in your stomach?
If you cared at all, what episode of the Flintstones do you think I should watch?
What would a heaven for elephants be like?
How do I get a better grip on popcorn?
It has been reveald today that Kelsey Grammer is going to be the new Doctor Who?
What should I do if random bread appeared in my bird feeder?
Is it unacceptable to eat lasagna with your hands at home?
How do I get a dog without my parents knowing, I want a mini corgi, we already have a dog so I know how to look after one, I am 14?
How to get frosted tips like my boy Guy Ferrari?
What's your weedwacking style like? Do you use barely enough gas to cut the weeds or are you one of those people that really goes for it?
What to do for a pig themed jazz party?
Does it seem like ticklish feet are less common now than they were forty years ago?
Would I get laughed at if I call the living room the drawing room and the dining room the morning room and the kitchen the scullery?
Okay no joke I found a four leaf clover, in your opinion, should I eat it to get the luck out of it?
How is it we have 45 presidents and 52 super bowls but George Jefferson was elected before super bowl? Conspiracy?
Why don't we just crush our trash?
How do I tell my hermit crabs apart?
A hair salon used my cut hair for a wig, if they sold it without telling me is that legal?
Did you cry when your plumber died?
If you had a kangaroo pouch what would you mainly put in it?
Was this woman at the vet's, rude?
I went to my first ballet last night, what is with all the ladies toe dancing, why don't they just hire taller women?
My mom grounded me for eating my pudding before my sandwich, what can I do to get out of this mess?
What are other uses for pepperoni?
At what age should I lose my vinegar?
How do I remind myself to eat more kale?
Which food awakens the beast inside you?
Why is Peter Gabriel's voice nice?
How to surprise someone with a horse?
How do I buy an anime body pillow without my parents knowing?
Should scientists give octopi bones?
Can you milk Gushers to make fruit juice?
If someone was the most wealthiest person in the world, could they buy the money factory where they make the money, and the federal reserve too?
I found a picture of my husband's neck in his phone. It wasn't anything on it, but that's so bizarre. Can somebody help me?
Who else is listening to sad song all night?
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