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Tailwind list Of components

Tailwind CSS Notification Modal
Page Scroll Sticky
Team Section
Popular Pricing section
Cookies Components
Avatars Border
Avatars Active Statue
Avatars Profile
Avatars Profile Square
Avatars Group
Input Email with Message
Input Email with Icon
Input Password with Show Icon
Input Card Number
Input Add On
Input Error with Message
input Date
input File
Input Custom File
Input Textarea description
Input Textarea
Single Post
Single Post with Recent
Cards two Post
Cards tree Post
Cards tree Post centered
Cards Post grid
Call to action simple
Call to action image
Call to action grid
Call to action form
Teams Simple
Teams Side By Side
Teams filter
Teams Cards
Teams Cards 2x2
Teams Grid
Teams Background
Modal simple link two bottons
Modal simple image link copy two bottons
Modal slider image two bottons
Error Pages Simple
Card Joca
Finance Price indicatror
People card
Google task card
Blog Style posts
Subscribe more Info
Alerts messages
Inline Subscribe Form Example 6a
Sticky Footer Example 6b
Card with Header & Footer Example 6c
Tabs Hover Effect Example 6d
Variable Width Responsive Buttons Example 6e
Itinerary Example 7a
Profile Card Large Example 7b
Pricing Plans Example 8c
Navigation Bar with Centered Menu Example 9a
Image and Text in 2:1 Ratio Example 9b
Notifications Menu Item Example 10a
Footer with Multiple Columns Example 10b
Responsive Navigation Bar Example 11a
Product Display Example 12a
Profile with Rating Example 12b
Full Page Testimonials Section Example
Social Media Icons Example
Article Preview Example
Fitness Report Example
Tweet Example
Card Cristal BG example
Login Card Red
call to actions
user profile
Notifications More top
Notifications More bottom
top bar
navbar purchase
navbar with profile like
simple nav
sticky simple nav
nav drop
simple footer
4 column footer with mission footer
column grid footer with localization and newsletter
simple hero section
2 traveler hero section
3 hosting hero section
simple newsletter
footer newsletter
heroSection newsletter
simple 404 page
404 page with footer
404 page svg
simple featured
tick featured
featured col
featured footer
bg featured
call to action 2 btn
call to action 1 btn image
call to action 2 btn bg
Full Landing

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