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Last active February 6, 2023 04:11
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Laravel Filter Helper - Compress HTML Output & Strip Comments
### --- Snip --- ###
App::after(function($request, $response)
// HTML Minification
if(App::Environment() != 'local')
if($response instanceof Illuminate\Http\Response)
$output = $response->getOriginalContent();
$filters = array(
'/<!--([^\[|(<!)].*)/' => '', // Remove HTML Comments (breaks with HTML5 Boilerplate)
'/(?<!\S)\/\/\s*[^\r\n]*/' => '', // Remove comments in the form /* */
'/\s{2,}/' => ' ', // Shorten multiple white spaces
'/(\r?\n)/' => '', // Collapse new lines
$output = preg_replace(array_keys($filters), array_values($filters), $output);
### --- Snip --- ###
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Really nice! I think the HTML Comments migth be neccesary either way.

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ghost commented May 22, 2014

Thanks for the alteration that allows for HTML comments.

One issue: Line 17 (shorten multiple white spaces) should be reduced to a space rather than nothing. The problem that I had with this was I had

 class="classOne  classTwo" //two spaces

and the white space reducer was reducing it down to


thus breaking my theme.

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AucT commented Jun 21, 2014

thx for this

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@RodrigoEspinosa we prefer to not use HTML comments especially since Laravel ships with blade you can just use blade comments that won't show up in the output {{-- My Coment --}}

@tylerssn are you sure you are having this problem? It's currently replacing it with one space like you suggest '/\s{2,}/' => ' ',

@AucT welcome and also thanks to the original contributor

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Learning Laravel. Where do you put this to make it work?

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Same question here:
Learning Laravel. Where do you put this to make it work?

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nuqz commented Mar 13, 2017

@rotaercz @KIrkOlson
In Laravel 4.x you should put it into app\filters.php

In modern Laravel 5.x according to the docs you should put it into middleware (see "Before & After Middleware" section).

public function handle($request, Closure $next) {
        $response = $next($request);

        // HTML Minification

        return $response;

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webciter commented Aug 13, 2018

Full Laravel 5.x Middleware to add to your projects,

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