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package HTML::Shakan::Renderer::HTML::DateTimeSeparatable;
use Any::Moose '::Role';
sub separate_datetime {
my ($self, $html) = @_;
$html =~ s{
(</select>)([\n\s]*<select \s name="[^"]+_(?:month|day)">)
$html =~ s{
(</select>)([\n\s]*<select \s name="[^"]+_(?:time|minute)">)
return $html;
no Any::Moose '::Role';
blah blah blah
=head1 SEE ALSO
=over 4
=item HTML::Shakan::Renderer::HTML::DefinitionList
=item HTML::Shakan::Renderer::HTML::SelectivelyEncodable
=item HTML::Shakan::Renderer::HTML::DateTimeSeparatable
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