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(ns routing
(:require [goog.History :as h]
[ :as om]
[taoensso.timbre :as log]
[fulcro.client.mutations :as m]
[ :as e]
[fulcro.client.core :refer [FulcroApplication]]
[clojure.string :as s])
(:import [goog History]))
;; Routing protocol
(defprotocol Routing
(-state->url [this props] "Given props, return a valid URL for use with url->state")
(-url->state [this split-url] "Given a url split at /, return props for use with state->url"))
(defn state->url [this props]
(-state->url this props))
(defn url->state [this split-url]
(-url->state this split-url))
(defn children-state->url
"Takes a parent component's props and a list of [key component]
pairs. Calls `state->url` on each child component implementing `Routing`
to derive a URL from props. Asserts that there are no discrepancies between
child component routes."
[props pairs]
(let [routes (into #{}
(filter (fn [[k c]]
(satisfies? Routing c)))
(map (fn [[k c]]
(state->url c (get props k))))
(filter identity))
(assert (or (= (count routes) 1)
(empty? routes)) (str "Multiple routes found! " routes))
(first routes)))
(defn serialize-tempid [tid]
(when (om/tempid? tid)
(str "tempid-" (.-id tid))))
(defn deserialize-tempid [str]
(when (s/starts-with? str "tempid-")
(om/tempid (uuid (last (s/split str #"tempid-"))))))
;; Pushstate Router
(defprotocol Router
(set-location! [_ state])
(replace-location! [_ state]))
(defonce router (atom nil))
(defn setup-history
{:pre [(om/reconciler? x)]}
(let [history (History.)
root (om/app-root x)
state-atom (om/app-state x)]
(.setEnabled history true)
(letfn [(set-route! [token]
(om/transact! x `[(routing/set-route! ~{:token token})]))]
(e/listen history h/EventType.NAVIGATE (fn [e] (set-route! (.-token e))))
(let [initial-token
(let [token (.getToken history)]
(if-not (s/blank? token)
(or (state->url root (om/db->tree (om/get-query root)
@state-atom)) "/")))]
(log/info "Initial url: " initial-token)
(.replaceToken history initial-token)
(set-route! initial-token)))
(reify Router
(set-location! [_ state]
(let [new-route
(state->url root
(om/db->tree (om/get-query root) state state))]
(log/info "Setting new route: " new-route)
(.setToken history new-route)
(replace-location! [_ state]
(let [new-route
(state->url root (om/db->tree (om/get-query root)
state state))]
(log/info "Replacing new route: " new-route)
(.replaceToken history new-route)
(defmethod m/mutate 'routing/set-route!
[{:keys [state reconciler ref] :as env} k {:keys [token]}]
(fn []
(let [root (om/app-root reconciler)
state-transition (url->state root (s/split token #"/"))
state-transition-db (om/tree->db root state-transition true)]
(log/info "Routing State Transition: " state-transition-db)
(om/merge! reconciler state-transition (om/get-query root))))})
(defn ensure-url!
([state] (ensure-url! state nil))
([state action]
(when-let [router @router]
(case action
:replace (replace-location! router @state)
(set-location! router @state)))))
(defmethod m/mutate 'routing/ensure-url!
[{:keys [state reconciler ref] :as env} k action]
(fn []
(ensure-url! state action))})
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