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Last active Oct 2, 2020
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Applications demonstrating various Cloud Native tools with Snyk

A set of hello world applications, mainly used for demonstraing Snyk. Although the applications themselves are trivial, each repository contains a toolchain using a variety of Cloud Native tools for building container images and deploying to Kubernetes or other platforms. The current set of applications consists of:


A real-world workflow for using Docker, Snyk and GitHub to build, secure and publish container images.

  • GitHub Actions
  • Docker
  • Buildx
  • Github Container Registry
  • Secure Code Warrior


An example of building and testing an ARM based image with Docker and Snyk.

  • Docker
  • GitHub Actions
  • Buildx
  • build-push-action
  • ARM
  • Docker Hub


An example project using a hierarchy of images and using Snyk to test each in turn. This should be relevant in organisations where a central team or teams maintains some images which are then used by several application teams.

  • Python
  • Docker


A vulnerable Go application, packaged up using Distroless and published to GCR and Docker Hub.

  • Go
  • Bazel
  • GitHub Actions
  • GCR
  • Docker Hub
  • Kubernetes


A pretty straight-forward Spring Boot application for Java fans. It's using the latest 2.3.0.M2 release in order to make use of the new built-in buildpacks support. As an alternative it's also configured to use Jib which makes for a nice comparison.

  • Java
  • Sprint Boot
  • Maven
  • Jib
  • Cloud Native Build Packs
  • GitHub Actions
  • Snyk Maven Plugin
  • Docker Hub


Mainly a demonstration of using the new k14s to build and deploy to Kubernetes.

  • Ruby
  • kapp
  • kbld
  • ytt
  • Docker Hub
  • GitHub Actions


A Lambda example, specifically using Python and Chalice from AWS. This repository also demonstrates how to use GitHub Actions to have Snyk test your Poetry-based Python applications for both application and development dependencies.

  • Python
  • Poetry
  • AWS Lambda
  • Chalice
  • GitHub Actions


A simple Node.js application deployed to Kubernetes using Helm. This app also makes use of Tilt to provide a modern Kubernetes development experience and uses Quay rather than Docker Hub.

  • Node.js
  • Tilt
  • Helm
  • Quay
  • UBI


Don't use this unless you're very familiar with all of the moving parts. This example has an over-the-top amount of overlapping examples, in particular centered around using Open Policy Agent as well as Snyk.

  • Python
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Conftest
  • Gatekeeper
  • Tekton Pipelines
  • CircleCI
  • GitHub Actions
  • Docker
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