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Gareth Davies garethtdavies

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garethtdavies /
Last active Sep 23, 2019
Outputs aggregated metrics from the Zcash blockchain
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Output stats from Zcash blockchain using Blocksci
Uses for Zcash Blocksci adaptation
Credit @st4d for transaction type detection
import blocksci
import os
garethtdavies /
Last active Sep 10, 2019
Time a Coda transaction
import asyncio
import time
import CodaClient
import datetime
coda = CodaClient.Client(graphql_host="localhost", graphql_port="8000")
# This currently responds to all tx for the provided public key on L#33 - it could be filtered to listen for payment id
async def blockReceived(message):
receivedTime =
garethtdavies / mongo-memo.json
Created Sep 8, 2019
Extract matching memo data from Coda blocks
View mongo-memo.json
"transactions.userCommands": {
"$elemMatch": {
"memo": "2pn2vgS9sRdjnwZqRDndxVdGzeocYEwyJcHC1zbTgqrkmTnCFTA4MU"
garethtdavies /
Last active Aug 31, 2019
Parses the Coda GraphQL API to get public keys for those producing SNARK work
# A super quick "unofficial" script to parse the GraphQL API to get public keys for those producing SNARK work
# Install dependencies and run with `python3`
# You'll need to be running the GraphQL API see here for quick setup
# and here for a detailed overview and update line 14 if required
# Your results may vary depending on how many blocks your node has seen
# Dependencies
# >=Python 3.5
# pip3 install git+
# pip3 install pandas
garethtdavies / fully-shielded-sapling-tx.json
Created Aug 11, 2019
Fully Shielded Sapling Transaction
View fully-shielded-sapling-tx.json
"txid": "5328354a0b14c95b1f8ac26ec99c7b365638cd877a04aa3fb27d19deedc90fb7",
"overwintered": true,
"version": 4,
"versiongroupid": "892f2085",
"locktime": 0,
"expiryheight": 572130,
"vin": [
"vout": [
garethtdavies /
Created Jul 23, 2019
Outputs all shielded transactions from BlockSci
import blocksci
import csv
chain = blocksci.Blockchain("/home/gareth/blocksci/zcash-data")
migration_tx = 0
sprout_tx = 0
sprout_fully_shielded = 0
sapling_tx = 0
sapling_fully_shielded = 0
import blocksci
chain = blocksci.Blockchain("/home/gareth/blocksci/zcash-data")
migration_tx = 0
for blk in chain[500000:571501]:
for tx in blk:
if (tx.is_saplingshielded and tx.is_sproutshielded):
garethtdavies / zcash_migration.sql
Last active Jul 21, 2019
Google BigQuery Zcash Migration Transactions
View zcash_migration.sql
i.type AS input_type,
o.type AS output_type,
View zcash-2.0.5-rc1-build.assert
--- !!omap
- out_manifest: |
c304451e5c4c470486a941c927de70427362245f079eff85a2cef285b3cc9217 src/zcash-2.0.5-rc1.tar.gz
9a24c0b73f3abe7cdc163ebc95f0f9ead3aaf1dee1940c008b67d2c138248801 zcash-2.0.5-rc1-linux64-debug.tar.gz
d37d0a1a9b1062ad10f7071d9ff70aa888b51fa3c27a875f3d443fca73d2da44 zcash-2.0.5-rc1-linux64.tar.gz
- in_manifest: |-
bae2a72fda1a1212d2cf0382225d2254742a8593e90cc2a508c5a65665fd949c zcash-2.0.5-rc1-desc.yml
git:8010becd4e41956c1d64f683f715b15465e49748 zcash
- base_manifests: !!omap
- jessie-amd64: |
View reference-wallet-tx.json
./src/zcash-cli decoderawtransaction 0400008085202f89000000000000fc5c0700102700000000000001f5bcae9e10f97435222e11b0a5dc1846d9a925709893188a1c8222e658f06d0ff276281cf81c253fb4d221213d1e41e5e32c9f3d2b2240553dd66322337a135930cad4f3ffab45f5789fbd7ea2aa420e7811d3f442130c5db00975ec1639e155fc25529c84ebff3c16c75eca190c93e161a7aea584d1798e842b5da19ffa851292839fb46b1a5277435eddbb0cb34d3aefaee49a5bbeb72bee77d4360a539213b9af5b47b530c564090f38debe30e6438b80da1fd2ba5755619ea8743c14351b3b34e563c1aa039c4ff674e4fad2a829c2935444b2491a074b69064af7a6267f01345915945e69b04e119f1e9107ad0824677b69e916ea7375a7c9d4450b35740dda3d4d79c8bf1fff528c84fc2ea454b70210f592a016e835b79c696e1e3c273183a184d6b794ce163fa35ebb3efb224b5f47be6a9d27b58afbbcf190fe1e46c66c22da9c6b33dd21e3a51d4acd3004d8117d0f538091bf03c817e9bc0a4813615d93c1af50ca3bcfa57988d35e805346c28e630c701d21d036c2167874c60302556f4376ddf401013fc3086cc995ff17ac00736218b963062b4d86efbf6d7d68184319228ae42f2e1387d9c87f162b92fe314684b42044ff4ff27d8c4e2a883a8a8c83f2b859eedc4908af517554a3c2cd2
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